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The Route To Getting Fit With Park Life

Posted Jun 05 2009 3:40pm

A sunny afternoon in the zoo park
( Torsten )

Gym’s nowdays are expensive time consuming and overcrowded. Usually with people trying to hide the fact they are being lazy and just get to the gym to make themselves feel good. The truth is that fitness is more simple than this. It can be achieved in your free time without expensive equipment or travelling to and from a gym. You can also make use of the surroundings while travelling, sometimes running is the best way to figure out a new place.

The Solution? Park Life………Most of us are lucky enough to have some kind of park or outdoor environment we can use and call our own on the weekends or even during your lunch break, best of all it will cost you nothing……


Don’t always run at a steady pace. Mix things up and you will keep your body guessing and do a much better job of pushing your body than trotting along at a steady paced jog. Always try and improve. I will regularly test to see how quick I can run round my local green (1-2k) at least this way you have a goal to focus on and you can see how much you have progressed with your training/fitness levels.

Also make sure you make use of your surroundings. Run on the grass instead of the pavement, Make use of the hills (I love sprinting up them, taking a rest then running down as fast as I can) this makes for a great method of interval training.


You can work your body from everyday things in the park. Use benches to elevate your feet for pushups or use them for split squats. If you look around while running you will have no problem finding some tree branches that will support your weight for pullups or hanging leg raises. I have also found if your early enough in the morning with your workouts that playgrounds can have some great tools to play around with (Rings, Bars and Netting) all of which you can use for dips, pullups and ab exercises. This guy has got Park Workouts nailed…..

Its all about getting creative and using your imagination to figure out some workouts.

The Workout

This is a little something I have put together for a intense and invigorating workout outdoors.

- Warm Up Jog 5-10 Minutes

- Superset 25BW Squats and 15 Pushups x 2

- Up Hill Run for time with a sprint back down the hill x 2

-Superset 5-10 Pullups and 20 Hanging leg raises x 2 (on a tree branch)

- 2 Min fast running, 2 Min Jogging x 3

- All out sprints until your legs lose their spring (usually 3-5 sets)

Thats it your done and trust me you will be feeling that workout. Obviously adjust it to your fitness level. Too many people have lost touch with the ability to get creative and stay fit using our natural enviroments. Regain your freedom, embrace park life…….

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