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The right way to De-stress the Pores and skin

Posted Apr 03 2013 3:02am

Chinese New Year has passed, and a variety of work tends to be on the right track. OL has returned to a common state: the daily schedule is always full. The pressure has become part of modern life, and it is a variety of points: emotional, physical, environmental or UV irradiation and pollution ... all these can cause damage to the pores and skin. I will teach you some decompression maintenance methods.

Relax and take a deep breath

You must feel the cool feeling from the deep breathe, why do not you take a breath for your skin? Breathe deeply, and to pay attention to swelling, and try converted by the lungs breathe abdominal breathing. At the dusk, you can take a breath for a few times. You need to breathe, at the same time, so that your pores and skin needs to "breathe" too. Generally speaking, the 7% oxygen which was breathed by people lungs was  botanical slimming  consumed by the pores and skin directly. However, almost adults cannot take a breath to use the right way, only breathe the air to the upper part of the chest, but not be discharged completely. The consequence of this is to cause pores and skin unable to maintain normal metabolism smooth discharge of waste, increase its load, while accelerating aging. In order to alleviate the pressure of the skin, we must learn to baby to let the whole body is full of oxygen, and took away all the garbage with slow and deep breaths.

Aromatic in stretch systemic

Mr Olivier Baussan has said people can get a pleasant sensory experience through aromatherapy. The benefits of essential oils for skin decompression are: they are able to penetrate the dermis, and brain aromatic will be wake and calm. its decompression principle is: when the aroma of some essential oils absorbed by human pores and skin and olfactory organs, their information will spread to the brain central nervous system immediately, and then the aroma is transported to the major organs of body throng the blood to promote the metabolism of the cells in the body, releasing toxins  2 day diet lingzhi  in order to reduce the burden of skin.

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