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The Question That Dictates Success

Posted Sep 01 2008 7:21pm

About 2 years ago, I went to a seminar that promoted valuing money, to the point where we did an exercise of celebrating after picking up a penny from the ground. The mindset was to be excited that you received value for doing nothing, that you were “a money magnet”. After that exercise, I have been finding money the floor almost every day ever since. It was very interesting to see how my mind focused on finding money. With that said, something very interesting happened.

Yesterday, I was walking to the grocery store during my lunch and saw a penny on the floor behind a newspaper stand. Looking at the penny, I decided to pick it up. The only problem was that the penny was so far back behind the floor that I’d have to lay on the floor and reach the penny. Now, coming from work, I didn’t want to get my clothes dirty for a penny! And then the greatest question I could ask myself came about:


I realized that after asking that question, I was completely drawn to finding an answer. Fortunately, I was asking “myself” this question and not anyone else (or any other influence). Any other person may have said to not do it because it’s just a penny and I shouldn’t get dirty for it. I decided that it was worth it to pick up the penny because I was focusing more on the habit of appreciating receiving value rather than getting my clothes dirty. I went down and picked up the penny.

After I got it, I felt very present and grounded. I started to reflect on this question, “IS IT WORTH IT?” This is such an empowering question because it gives YOU the opportunity to analyze what you value. For many, taking that much time and effort to pick up one penny isn’t worth anything. But for me, I saw a character being built. I saw someone welcoming VALUE despite the circumstances and would risk “public embarrassment” to get it. To me, the “worth” of the action was far greater than the “worth” of the penny.

I see that this question can be life changing when acknowledged. When you make decisions, you subconsciously ask yourself “is it worth it”. You’re evaluating whether to do something in return to get something else. The part that is life changing is the awareness of where you put your attention to. When you ask “is it worth it”, you immediately evaluate what’s valuable to you. If you are asked to work overtime, you ask “is it worth it”. Is it the money or your personal time? You create the focus that is most important to you.

The empowering thing is that you CAN CHANGE this focus if you want. If you want to lose 20 lbs. and can’t bring yourself to do it, you are saying that doing the work is not worth the results at the end…. that you’re valuing the “freedom” to eat whatever you want and not exercise.

The same thing can be applied to finances. Everyone wants a lot of money, but few have it. Why is that? The reason has to do with “VALUE”. Those who succeeded financially decided that it WAS WORTH the energy, time, and work to get the money. Others who always talk about making more money (when they do nothing about it) focus on how the time, work, and energy is NOT WORTH the financial success that they want.

Observe what you focus on when you make decisions. When you ask the question, “IS IT WORTH IT”, notice what you put your attention towards. See what your subconscious is telling you to value and decide whether or not YOU truly believe it. Take control your life and decide that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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