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The Quest for Emotional Health

Posted May 04 2012 3:25pm

We are human and so our emotional system is inherently flawed.  We harbor emotions that set us apart from the divine.  The quest is to impart fairness, understanding, respect, forgiveness, and love.  Not always an easy task when we oftentimes deal with a sense of injustice, unkind behavior, and the unexplained ill-received lack of empathy. 

I am truly an empathetic person, feeling the emotions of others to a degree that, at times, can dramatically interfere with my own well-being.  Mostly, this is in part to my ability to see both sides to every position and circumstance. 

I understand points of contention, feel the emotional affects of others’ experiences, and find myself pulled into different directions.  I can “put myself in other people's shoes” and gain a little insight and clarity in most any given situation.

This can be both a blessing and a curse.  So, the story goes, how do I distance myself from all these emotions? 

I have discovered in my life’s circumstances that to forgive is truly divine, and in spite of the sometimes-difficult journey towards that goal, forgiveness is quite liberating. 

Seeing another's point of view and deeply understanding how or why a specific situation or circumstance could have occurred, from their perspective, is the only way to begin the process of forgiveness.   

If forgiveness is not achieved, one is still beholding to the situation, circumstance, and person – with whom there is a point of dispute or contention.  One can never be free of this emotional toil until reaching the point of true forgiveness and understanding. 

Also along the path of forgiveness lies a sense of fairness in all matters directed to others around us, a general respect for other people’s own sense of belief, values, and choices, and a bravery to own your feelings tempered with non-imposition. 

Allow others to be who they are, limit judgment for the divine, accept different opinions and beliefs, empathize with others – imagine yourself in their situation, let go of emotional turmoil, impart fairness, respect everyone, and forgive all who offend or hurt you – in other words, experience love.

Life is about love; feeling love in all the different forms that it takes, giving freely, receiving, and experiencing the happiness that comes with allowing love to be expressed. 

Today, I love God, Life, Myself, My Family, My Friends, My Puppies, The Glories of Nature, Cute Animals, Beautiful Flowers, The Sweet Smell of Gardenia, The Sunshine, and The Grandness of Tomorrow.

Ah ~ The Possibilities Are Endless…

By TR Hughes, © 2008 - 2012 .
All rights reserved worldwide.
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