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The Purge

Posted Jan 10 2013 3:30pm

Today’s mind dump is brought to you by the letter P.

There comes a time in the aftermath of most breakups (speaking in general terms here) where after a while you realize that you need to get rid of a few lingering things before moving forward.  In the past, this meant either throwing out or boxing up old photos, letters, gifts, knick-knacks, and only seeing them when nostalgia (or the urge to set fire to stuff) hit.  Now, you not only have to do that, but also clean up your digital presence.

Today was the day (apparently) to do just that.  Realizing that I am technically out in the dating world and therefore may eventually find and friend a new dude means that I need to show (or at least appear) as if I have moved on from the past. Having hundreds of pictures of yourself and an ex, even if you are on good terms, spells, “I am SO not over this” and may lead to said new dude (or lady, we’re acknowledge all kinds of readers here) to seek elsewhere lest he be subjected to comparison upon comparison and reminders of he who was before.

So a little late morning purging happened.  I still have 99.999% (rough estimate) of the pictures I took down or untagged saved on an external hard drive.  I don’t want to fully remove the past, because it was part of my life for nearly a decade, and there were a lot of good times that came out of that.  But, if I am to move on, and maybe eventually settle into being someone’s girlfriend, a purge must happen.  It was weird, and I did have an emotional response.  I don’t think they prepared you for this growing up and it’s really interesting to think how the dynamic of dating, coupling, and severing plays out both on and off-line.

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