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The Price of Things

Posted Jun 04 2012 10:04pm

Has anyone else noticed how darn expensive everything is getting?

Not only gas-which here in California is at least 4 dollars a gallon but the price of stuff at Target and the dreaded grocery stores.

Now Bill and I typically shop at either Trader Joes or Fresh and Easy.

We are a one stop shop kind of couple meaning we prefer to go to the store once per week and only hit one store if at all possible.  Oh yes occasionally we peruse the isles of Whole Foods but that is for fun and extra (very expensive) goodies.

Lately though we are in horror of how much we have been spending on groceries.

Let me explain:

  • we shop once a week
  • we eat all of our meals at home and bring our lunch (from home) to work
  • if we eat out it is only maybe once a week usually on a weekend
  • booze has not factored into our grocery bill lately


BUT still we are spending 200 dollars a week on groceries!


Anyone else?  Are we doing something wrong?

It has to be that we buy good quality unpackaged foods right?

Good quality foods that make our salad beasts.

Like tonights creation.

And good quality foods that make our pumpkin oats.

Like this little masterpiece.

Easy recipe coming soon!
How much are you spending?

Have you noticed the prices are up lately?

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