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The Power of Meditation to Relieve Stress

Posted Nov 23 2013 4:03am
Stress is taking a heavy toll on our lives, derailing our life and sabotaging our entire existence.

We have a lethal weapon to combat stress and it is a concept derived from the Sanskrit word “med” which means measure, consider, and reflect and is termed as “Meditation”.

Meditation has the power to lower your stress levels and make your feel more secure and competent, and eliminates the elements like bitterness, hostility, resentment, anger which have the main cause of your .

Power of Meditation to Relieve StressMeditation is a tool to sooth ruffled nerves and a stress buster to face the adversities of life with vitality and positivity.

Meditation decreases the ailments you have attained due to constant stress, like it decreases the heart rate, the rate of respiration, the rate of metabolism and blood lactate levels all which are associated with stress.

Meditation increases the skin resistance, which is inversely related to stress.

During the process of mediation the brain wave patterns change from the beta of the normal walking state to alpha, and the production of the stress related hormones halts and the organism repairs and rejuvenates as when we mediate we give the organism the opportunity to produce natural morphine like substances that make us feel distressed and positive.

Meditation is an easy process and can be undertaken at any time of the day to keep your stress levels in check, you just need to close your eyes in a quiet, private surroundings and concentrate on your breaths and experience each breath as it goes and comes out and at once you will feel calmer.

The basic idea behind meditation is to take you away from stress by staying with one positive idea and not drift from idea to idea.

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