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The Power of Anger

Posted Jul 09 2009 5:34pm

This post was written by Anastasiya. Follow me on Twitter or StumbleUpon and keep your life balanced!

Today I got angry. I got so angry that I can’t even tell you the degree of my angriness (I am pretty sure I had smoke coming out of my ears though). But the most interesting thing is that I was happy and found my inner balance and inner power through this anger. Let me tell you, anger is not such a bad thing after all!

I think every blogger knows that one of the best ways to attract readers is to write a guest post for another blog, especially one that has more readers than you do. Well, there is one blog that I will admit that I have been a big fan of for a long time (and still am actually). I would rather not say the name of this blog due to the fact that I highly respect the author but I am a little ticked off at this individual right now. Let’s just call it “Mr. Wise’s Advice on How to Live Your” I had this genius idea about a post that will be perfect for Mr. Wise’s blog and after writing the post, I sent Mr. Wise an email offering to use my little bit of insight to share with the world. It won’t be very surprising for you to hear that his reply was “I am not looking for any additional content right now but I’ll keep you in mind in the future.” This email practically broke my heart :-(

I guess I felt the way those teenage girls feel when they send love letters to their idols and do not get any response back. I didn’t even have a chance! (Mr. Wise didn’t even read my article but he was already sure that he didn’t need my content). My inner voice was saying to me “Anastasiya, are you stupid? Don’t you see that nobody cares about your blog and nobody wants to read it? Don’t you see that you have tried so many things and still you are not Miss Popular? It’s time for you to give up and try something new. ” I had a choice to make: to listen to my inner voice and give up my dream or to get angry and to let my anger motivate me to work harder.

I know, most people would say that you should not give in to your anger because it brings negative energy into your life, knocks you out of balance (who if not me should know about it, right?), makes your life stressful and blah-blah-blah… Well, I decided to use the anger I had inside of me and turn it into a creative stream for me. Maybe Darth Vader was right after all. The power of the dark side can be pretty strong :-)

We are taught that we must get all our strength out of serenity and peace with the world. But what should we do with that anger that builds up inside of us every now and then? (You remember that ugly guy puffing cigarette smoke near your baby? Or that obese lady blocking the entire row in the grocery store when you are in such a hurry? Or maybe that idiot who can’t drive and almost slammed into you the other day?) If you live in any society then you can definitely find things to be angry about. And being angry is not such a bad thing from my point of view. You just have to learn to use your anger to get stronger and be more successful.

In most movies bad guys who are always angry are always stronger. Yes, they do not win (who wants to watch a movie without a happy ending after all?) but they are still stronger, more creative and often smarter. I think the answer is to use that energy that you can get out of your anger for something good. I personally have my best workouts when I am angry – I can run faster and longer, lift all kinds of weights and do at least a hundred pushups (maybe I exaggerated a little bit about that one). My mind gets so clear and I find solutions to the problems I was struggling over for the last few weeks.

Anger gives huge power that you can use for anything in the world. In a situation when something does not work out the way you want it to you have two choices: complain about it and be miserable or get angry and do something. I choose to be angry and do something!

Maybe I am not such a cool blogger who has a million visitors a day. Does it make me worse? No. Maybe I have not written a book that teaches people how to live their lives. Is it really that important? No. I think that the important thing is that I am learning every day and am trying to write down everything that I learn from life. It does not mean that my experience and my knowledge will work for somebody else, but who knows, maybe it will. I know that today I discovered the power of anger, the power that I was suppressing inside of me for many years of my life. I was trying to reach balance by denying this part of me. The true meaning of balance is not denying something but rather using it for your own good. Anger is an important part of the inner me, an important component of the balance in my life and from now on I will be using the power of anger to make my life only better! Hope you will do the same!

Keep it balanced!

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