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The Power of “O”

Posted May 13 2013 2:47pm
Emergent Health O2 Water Oxygenator I had to share this because it was so interesting to me! So often clients or friends will try a supplement I suggest and tell me they didn’t “feel” anything so they wouldn’t continue taking it. Well this lady had quite the opposite experience.

A friend mentioned she had an infected tooth and was on antibiotics before having it extracted. She asked me if I recommended her doing anything else and I told her I have been using Emergent Health’s O2 Water Oxygenator. I explained that I put 15 drops into 8 oz. Of water twice a day and drink it as well as using 20 drops in a small amount of water once a day as a mouth rinse. I recently had gum surgery and find this has helped with healing.

She bought a bottle and began using it as a rinse. She is very cautious when trying any new foods or supplements because several years ago she had a terrible case of systemic candida and has become extremely sensitive. So she didn’t begin drinking it – but used it as a mouth rinse.

She finally had the tooth extracted and all went well. The dentist of course kept her on antibiotics for a little while even after. Well about 2 weeks later I got a frenzied call from her saying her candida symptoms came back because of being on the antibiotics for so long and she had used the O2 Water Oxygenator that morning and it burned her mouth and made her feel terrible. She was convinced it was making her worse.

Once she calmed down, I explained that I thought it might be just the opposite – die off. It could be that because the Oxygenator was killing the fungus in her mouth, she was experiencing those effects and if it was throughout her system again, it was passing through the tissues in her mouth and fighting the candida in her body as well and that’s why she began to feel bad. It was a healing crisis of sorts! (A good reason to be careful of what products you use in your mouth – those tissues are very absorbent!)

Fungus, bacteria and germs cannot live in the presence of oxygen and a simple and easy way to boost your oxygen levels is using the Water Oxygenator!

So often people will try something like this product and after a month tell me they won’t use it any more because the “didn’t feel anything.” But this very dramatic result is proof that it is doing something whether you feel it or not!

Do you always “feel” something when you take supplements or do you take them because you know they are doing you good?

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