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The playing field is a place whe ...

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:02am

The playing field is a place where performance is readily observed. It was so among our ancestors, where games were a prominant part of life. On the field, one can exhibit good genes and women can judge their potential mates. It is no accident that men love to compete in games and women admire great athletes.

With our information age it is now possible to have the images of the best performances in the world right before us. Unfortunately, this means that good performances on the playing field among our peers are easily overshadowed in comparison to the great performances we can see by just turning on our television sets. This is a problem for both sexes when these hyper performances and appearances become models for ourselves. It is easy to feel that you don’t measure up when you compare your performance, your publications, or your appearance with the elite of the entire world.

In the small band setting of nearly all of human existence, this was a very small problem. In fact, you would take great pride in having a super performer in your band as it enhanced your survival. Today, it can be a burden to see hyperperformance or great looking people if you feel you don’t measure up. They aren’t in your small band and they are of no help to you and do nothing to enhance your survival.

The way I approach this is to take pleasure in the heights to which human performance can be taken through refinement and specialization.


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