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The Pizza Pizzazz

Posted Mar 26 2010 12:00am

Good morning beauties!

Thursday morning I had another bowl of Kashi 7 Grain cereal and almond milk.  I really like this stuff, but I don’t think I can ever make that my whole breakfast again.  It isn’t filling enough for me to hold me over until lunch.  I didn’t bring anything else to eat before lunch and when lunch came around I seriously was so hungry that I felt like I was going to puke.  NOT HEALTHY!  I ended up going to a super early lunch and was craving a nice big sandwich.  I chose the restaurant called Which Wich .  This was a new sub place for me when I moved to Indy.  Since I moved here, I’ve probably already been about 10 times.  It’s awesome!! I know Which Wich isn’t in all states, so if you haven’t seen it or heard about it, here’s a few shots.  It’s a little different…

Which Wich outside

Right when you walk in you see a big array of bags and signs on the wall.  You pick which bag you want based off of what sandwich you want.  I picked #1 for a Turkey sandwich.  You then grab a red permanent marker and start marking what you want on your sub right on the bag.  The first time I went here I got nervous and anxious.  I wasn’t expecting it! I just watched others and learned the art of Which Wich.

Which wich inside   Which wich bag

The best part about it is that they will rarely get your order wrong through miscommunication at the register.  I’ve never had an order wrong yet.  They toast the subs too so it’s yum yum in my tum tum.

Which wich sandwich

After work I made some English Muffin Pizza!  It was really good and was only 178 calories for both halves together. 

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned my Pizzazz yet on this blog.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE BY FAR!!!! I stand by this thing until I die :)   I should really be the spokesperson for this thing because when I got mine in 2004 (I think), I have convinced almost all of my friends to go get one, because they are THAT GREAT!! They cook anything and everything.  Whenever I have left overs, I just pop it on my Pizzazz and it often tastes better and more crispy then it was originally.  It’s a miracle worker.

pizzazz pizza cooker   pizza english muffin

I also snacked on some Cheez-its as a side.  For desert I had one of the most delicious ice cream sandwiches of all time.  I think I said “mmmm” every bite.  Yes…I was THAT girl when eating it.  It was a 100 calorie Klondike Sandwich – Sugar Free.  I 100% recommend trying these little pieces of heaven.


Later on I decided to take a break from working out.  I’ve worked out the past 4 nights so I decided my body would need a rest.  PLUS the Butler game was on.  I had a little snack of toast and ICBINB light spread.


Did anyone watch the Butler game?? 

BUTLER WON!!! We are in the Elite 8 now!!!! I’m so excited and was going nuts watching the game.  I’m a huge sports freak and absolutely love watching a good game…no matter what sport it is.  Because I know one of the coaches at Butler and a lot of my friends played for them, it really has become a team that I truly enjoy watching.

It’s Friday and my dad comes tonight! So excited.  I already have Pizza Hut being delivered and we have plans to eat pizza and watch basketball.  My kind of night :)  

Have a fan-freakin-tastic Friday. 

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