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The Phases of Life

Posted Jul 08 2010 5:27pm

Ah, two more days of the single life. What should I do?

Dance on tables?

Kiss some boys?

Kidding :)

Eric and I arrived at the Cape last night and continued the wedding mode that was happening at home. We finished up our water bottle labels, alphabetized the escort cards and ran about 300 errands. Is it just me or does getting married = errands?

So far I've been told or asked the following things 100 times or more...

"It won't matter if it rains, you'll still have fun." (yes but I'll have MORE fun if I can get married outside like I want to)

"Are you nervous?" (do you mean nervous to marry Eric? not at all... starting to get a little nervous about the attention involved in being a bride, nothing a little Bud Light won't help)

"Are you ready?" (yes, see below).

When I was in high school I took a business class senior year. The teacher was a really nice man but I can't really recall learning much about business, he just enjoyed talking about life with his students. One time we got in this discussion about being ready for the different phases of life. This one kid in my class said that he had found (at his wise age of 17) that you never feel that ready for big things until they are almost there and then suddenly you just become ready.

Since that time I've had a few big milestones- graduating high school, going to college, studying abroad on the other side of the world, graduating college, starting teaching...and now getting married. Though all of these things were a bit nerve wracking in the future, I felt ready for each of them as they came. Thinking about marriage 5 years ago was CRAZY to me, now it feels totally normal. In fact, I'm pretty sure come Sunday the only thing that will be different is my new last name and lack of anything insane to plan :) I've been told as soon as you get married people start asking when you are having kids. The answer to that is that I can only hope the phases of life philosophy applies to that too because right now I do NOT feel ready for that haha.

Anyway, in case you are curious my general plan for the weekend is as follows...

Tomorrow morning Caroline, Katie and I will head to the spa for manicures and pedicures. I am normally not much of a "spa" person but right now it feels nice to have a part of my body I don't need to worry about at all.

My rehearsal is tomorrow at 2:30, followed by an early rehearsal dinner. I'm excited because I love my rehearsal dinner restaurant and I'm excited to hear Katie's speech and eat delicious food. Hopefully Katie will not reveal too many of my secrets :) Post rehearsal dinner is a big "welcome party" BBQ since all of our guests are basically "out of town." We'll be arriving a bit late but it will be nice to see everyone.

Saturday morning is an early wake up call for hair and make up. I would love if I could get a quick blog post it while I'm getting ready but we'll see :) I know you guys don't expect anything but I'd like to remember what I was thinking that day haha. Ceremony starts at 5:30, followed by reception. The weather report right now is thunderstorms, so we'll see if we manage to avoid them or not. Basically all we need is for it to stay nice from 5-6...anything beyond that is simply a bonus. I just want to remind the powers that be that it rained for my bachelorette, just for the record.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Tell me what you think about the phases of life, are you usually ready for what comes? Also tell me what you are up to this weekend. Too bad I can't Skype my wedding and then that's what you could be doing on Saturday night haha.

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