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The Perfect Salad

Posted Jan 23 2012 1:43pm
After eating way too much  pizza  this weekend, my body was craving some nutrition. After a trip to the grocery store this morning, I put Ryan down for a nap and threw a bunch of colors into my lunch bowl.

1 hard boiled egg
Turkey Lentil Burger  (the best part!)
Mixed with a little olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, and a pinch of salt&pepper

The Perfect Salad

Even Lily wanted in on the action. Can anyone else's dog recognize the sound of a food they like? For example: Lily loves eggs. She could be upstairs but the second she hears me crack open an egg, she's right by my side in a flash. Same goes with peeling a banana or handling any type of meat.... if she hears it, she comes begging! (by the way, can anyone spot her tattoo in her ear?)

Today is a much needed rest day (my body is SO sore from this weekend) but I did find a way to get my heart pumping without even leaving the house. I think I even mumbled the words, "i'm too old for this" as we went down the hallway for the 50th time. Definitely worth it for the giggles...they were priceless!

Diaper Box Racing!

Carpool lane
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