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The Pedicure That Made Me Richer Than My Dreams

Posted Apr 07 2009 11:15pm

Sarah Whiting of Sussex, England is one lucky lady. There is nothing particularly special about her. She grew up in not a particularly wealthy family and didn’t get a great education in her school years. She did however have an ambition to to become a beauty therapist and worked hard for a couple of years to gain her qualifications. She even wrote a letter to the head of department at the college pleading to be accepted on to the course. It paid off and she was accepted to the beauty course, which included being taught how to massage, give facial treatments and many more spa treatments.

When she qualified she found a job at a local luxury health spa, close to her home town of Littlehampton. The spa was very high class and initially Sarah worried that she might not fit in. The staff were very friendly however and she soon found herself at home and enjoying her work.When the girls had a free gap in there schedule, their head therapist would allow them to give each other beauty treatments which helped their training and kept up their appearance.

Last December Sarah, 24 and her friend Carly had some free time in their schedule and asked if they could give each other a pedicure and foot treatment using their new skin care products.The treatment manager agreed and they both went into their next treatments with their feet looking prettier than ever. Sarahs next client was a man in his 30’s who had come with a friend on a spa day and had an hour’s massage booked in. He was polite, well spoken and pretty good looking…Sarah liked him right away. Not twenty minutes into the treatment, when he was having his back worked on he suddenly said “you really do have the most beautiful feet in the world”. Sarah was a little taken aback but flattered not the less and when he asked if he could take her out she happily agreed.After a few weeks the man, unnamed asked Sarah to marry him and again she accepted.

It was a while later before he told Sarah that his father owned a very successful company and he was a millionaire. Further more he was due to inherit the company soon. He also later admitted to Sarah that his heart was captured by her pretty feet. “It showed that you look after yourself” he said, “and that you cared about looking good for your clients”. He did say that it was her personality that made him fall in love but that the pedicure was the hook. They plan to marry this year and the wedding is set to cost around £1million

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