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The Past Year

Posted Oct 03 2012 7:00am

Hi everyone :)

I was reading my blog buddy Megan’s recap of her recent “Runniversary” and it made me think how it’s also my “duversary” this month.

Megan talked a lot about how much her lifestyle changed, goals she achieved and what else she is looking forward to trying. Go read her post to see all the amazing things that she accomplished and what’s up for her next! Reading hers made me think all the things that resulted in me signing up for my first du last year….

About this time last year I was getting ready for my very first duathlon. This was after going through a time period where I was a little lost in the fitness world and bored now that I wasn’t an athlete,by my standards at least, anymore. Signing up for the du was probably the best thing I could have done for myself and my motivation levels.

First duathlon!

I can still remember flying on the bike and passing people, and the last stretch to the finish line was probably one of my proudest moments ever. I was so excited that I did it! I was not an endurance athlete by any means before and now I just did it in a time I didn’t even think was possible! The camaraderie with others before and after the event was something else that made me want to keep coming back again and again…and here I am 4 duathlons later and soon to be 5 I hope :)

What else happened in the past year?

Well, for one, I started this little blog which connected me with a ton of people who are intersted in the same things as me- I’ve gotten involved in groups that are supportive and so helpful…I mean hello- Oiselle Team , Fit Approach , and Fitfluential ! Such wonderful groups of men and women!

Oiselle Team!

Even small things like I’ve tried foods I never heard of before (Ch-ch-ch-chia seeds for one!) I’ve definitely put more of an emphasis on eating better. We all know I love my veggies..jk but I’ve definitely been eating more than ever before! WIN.

All of those little things happened because of challenging myself with the duathlon. The duathlon was a chain reaction of good fitness and health habits for myself!

Couples that do “du’s” together…but not “together, together…”

And now to continue the chain reaction… what’s next for me? Well, certainly a triathlon is on my bucket list, starting to run some smaller 5k races, and a relay run event would be some of my top choices.

After writing all this I can’t WAIT to see what this next year is going to bring! I encourage all of you to start a positive chain reaction for youself this year. Just go for it :)

  • What have you accomplished in a year?

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