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The Organized Life – Scheduling and Journaling

Posted Jun 28 2009 12:47pm
An integral part of an Organized Life is maintaining a schedule.  Some people like to use calendars on their computer to organize their daily activities.  I, like many others, still prefer to use paper.  I have kept multiple journals and used a wide array of different calendar systems over the years. 
At one point I found myself keeping a health and fitness journal, a schedule sheet, an expense log, a daily journal and a gratitude journal.  This soon became exhausting.  That is when I became frustrated with trying to locate a template that would include space for everything I wished to record.  I finally decided to create an all-inclusive template tailored to my personal needs and desires for a daily calendar page. 

I will share it with you here.  I have saved the two pages (front and back) in GIF format you can copy and print for your own use.  I have the margins set up to be printed on standard size, 3-hole punch paper (front and back) to accommodate insertion into a 3-ring binder style calendar. 

A Brief Look at My Daily Sheets:
  • First there is the heading portion of the sheet: Date and Events. 
    • I use the events section to record any birthdays or other random info for the day.
  • Next there is a time line area starting from 6 am until 8 pm (with 15 minute incremental lines).
  • On the front page there are also boxes for: 
    • Thought of the day – Whatever thought or quote moves you can be recorded here.
    • Daily Affirmation – Here you can record a positive, uplifting affirmation to energize your day.
    • Task List – Here you can elaborate on any of the items you put into the timeline portion.
    • Notes – Here you can jot down any notes that you may have.
    • Expenses – If you are so inclined you may keep track of any expenses you have for the day.
    • Standing Affirmation – At the bottom of the page there is my standing affirmation
      • “Results are a product of action; Based on Intention and born of dreams.”
  • On the back page there are boxes for:
    • Exercise log
    • Dietary Log
    • Vitamin/Supplement Log
    • Health Notes
    • Weight
    • Water Servings
  • Also on the back page there are sections for:
    • Daily Journal
    • Gratitude Journal
    • Dream Wizard (Goal Planning) 
I truly believe in the rewards of staying organized.  It will allow you the opportunity to focus on your goals and help you to create the life you desire.  Try my Daily Sheets and see for yourself. 

A few years back, Oprah suggested keeping a Gratitude Journal on one of her shows.  I immediately started one myself and I cannot tell you how amazing it makes you feel to acknowledge your own gratitude for something, anything, every day. 

Below is an excerpt from this site about Gratitude.

Gratitude is powerful, being thankful opens up opportunity within you.

When taking a few moments each day to count your blessings, you are essentially giving the world around you a big, fat thank you that is often overlooked. If you really examine your day and your life in general, there will be multiple things for which you can be truly thankful.

The quiet, thoughtful process of analyzing your gratitude scale negates and eases all the stressful emotions and feelings you may have been experiencing at that time. It is during the slightly meditative process that you will gain insight into your thoughts allowing for a measure of peace to reside over you. This is best done just before the moments before drifting off to sleep. This, in turn, may affect not only the quality of your sleep but the overall quality of your life.

Show gratitude in your thoughts, say thank you to the universe, the world, the people around you...and reap the rewards of relaxation sans stress just before entering that amazing dream world. Wake up refreshed and anew, begin your day with anticipation of blessings and miracles untold, and be your best self. 

And, as always, remember my slogan:  
Live Well.  Live On Purpose.  Live Your Dreams.

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