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The Only Way to Bring Your Life into Balance Right Now

Posted Feb 16 2010 7:31am

This post was written by Anastasiya. Follow me on Twitter or StumbleUpon and keep your life balanced!

bring life into balaceImage by I Am Ming

Life balance is a topic that we’ve been discussing a lot here and now I am getting ready to give you the most important advice that will help you reach your life balance right here and right now. This advice is very easy to follow so please stick around for a few more paragraphs to hear what I am going to say.

If you are reading this blog then you probably belong to one of the three categories of readers:

Group 1.
Readers who are truly interested in making their lives better and reaching life balance that we’ve been chasing around for a while now. (You guys are the bestyou are my favorite and most treasured readers!)
Group 2.
Readers who read these posts in order to leave a comment hoping that I will leave a comment on their blogs in return (that I will most likely do because I am trying to be generous in any possible way) or so that they will get some of my traffic. (I love you guys too because you are still my readers and you make those Feedburner stats look better day after day! I also love having conversations with you here on Balance In Me or on your blogs.)
Group 3.
My husband who reads all my posts before anyone else does and makes sure that I do not make any silly mistakes (okI am being very partial here but he is my most favorite reader :-) ).

Readers in the first group are more likely to benefit from what they read here and turn their lives into a balanced direction but the second group is not hopeless either. If you are still reading this blog (or any other personal development blog) then there is still room for improvement in your life and you want to make changes that will bring more happiness into your everyday life. Howeverno matter how much you read you still do not see anything happening or changing. You still feel stressed out or depressed occasionallyyou still have some bad habits and your happiness level does not improve as it is supposed to. Why? Because you do not use any advice that you read on numerous blogs.

I know that you will say that just yesterday you read a great post about healthy living or meditation and you fixed a healthy meal or meditated for 10 minutes. However tomorrow you will already forget about that post and you will resort to your old routines.

Blogs (including Balance In Me of course) give you priceless advice on almost any aspect of your life however you still do not use it. If you read multiple personal development blogs then you have an entire encyclopedia of information in your own hands (it’s better to say in front of your eyes) buy you do not see it. The most important advice that I can give you is

“Use all the tips and pieces of advice that you read immediately and do not procrastinate.”

I know why you do not use the advice that you read online and here is a simple step-by-step guide to fight any of your excuses and finally reach your life balance:

  1. The advice is too easy and common-sense. Simple advice is usually the most useful one but you do not use it because it is simple. I have written multiple times about the importance of being in nature. Did you make it a habit to go out to the park or sit in the sunshine in your backyard? It is simple and yet powerful way to bring balance into your life.
  2. It is too complicated. You are thinking about adopting some healthy habits and you do not know where to begin. Even after reading 101 Healthy Habits that anyone Can Follow you are still not sure that you need all these changes. Do not think. Just do it! Right now!
    There is practically no complicated advice online. Most articles give you step-by-step instructions on how to do everything from tying your shoes to rewiring the electrical system in your house. Just follow the instructions.
  3. You are lazy. This is not really your excuse but this is the reason why you do not take any steps. Once you realize that your laziness causes you to miss out on life you will be more likely to act.
  4. This advice is not for me. Maybe it is not right now but maybe you can transform it and use it for your own purposes. If you are not in a relationship then The Happy Couple Cheat Sheet might seem like a waste of time for you. But on the other hand you can read it and see how you can improve yourself and prepare yourself to meet your special one. Some advice is really not for you (you do not need to read an article on how to quit smoking if you are not a smoker) but you can always recommend those articles to people who you know need this help.
  5. Do not take the blogger’s advice lightly. Just because the blogs that you read are free does not mean that the information there does not have any value. Most of the advice that you read is priceless because bloggers give you tips that have worked for them in real life and this is the best proof of the importance of these tips. If you were to hire a life coach or some other professional to help you improve in any area then you would receive the same advice that you read on blogs (sometimes this advice can even be worse than what you read for free) and pay a lot of money for it. You’ll be sure to follow that advice of course because you paid for it.
  6. Make your own book of wisdom. A lot of bloggers sell e-books that are nothing but a collection of their best posts organized in a handy way. You can buy these books (I am sure that any blogger will be thrilled if you do) or create your own handbook from multiple sources. When you read a post that seems useful to you write down the main idea on a notepad or use any bookmarking tool to save the post for future reference. Go over your notes or bookmarks frequently if you want to stick to your new ways.
  7. Commit to your changes. When you are reading about the importance of being mindful or decluttering your life do not just do it once and then forget about it. Make small steps day after day until the new way is engraved in your behavior and is as natural as breathing or brushing your teeth in the morning. Change one step at a time but do not stop.
  8. The best advice is not the new one but the timely one. I do not know about you but plenty of times when something was troubling me I was browsing my favorite blogs and I read an article that was right on target for me. Keep following your favorite blogs and I am sure that when you need advice or help you will definitely get it.

I hope that now you won’t have any trouble at all in finding your life balance and living in peace with yourself and the world around you. Coming up next is my own Book of Wisdom with my favorite posts on different life aspects from around the web. By the way if you think that you have some ingenious advice that I can use or that can fit into my Book of Wisdom please feel free to mention it in the comments belowsend it through the Contact form or tweet me about it. (The Book of Wisdom will be published on February23. Please do not submit your articles after that.)

Keep it balanced!

P. S. This post was inspired by Is Reading Blog Posts Worth Your Time?. James Chartrand definitely wrote a very timely post for me.

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