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The Nutrients in Juice Plus+® Comes From the Juice

Posted Jul 17 2009 12:00am

The question was asked, how do you get the nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables to make Juice Plus+® ? The answer is quite simply, the juice comes from a propretary process where the juice is dried in such a way to preserve the vitality of the nutrients. Since heat destroys nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and even will break down fats and sugars... the heat must be kept to a minimum level.

What happens when the juice is dried? A dry powder is left, without the sugar and water. And that powder is what goes into the Juice Plus+ products. If you've ever tried juicing instead, you know that it can be cumbersome, since you have to get the fruits and vegetables, cut them into small enough pieces to fit in the juicer, then juice...then drink. Don't forget the clean up process. This is where most people tend to stop juicing after days or a few weeks. I've done it, that's my feeling anyway.

So, while juicing is not a bad thing, if you find that you're not doing as often as you'd like, or at all, then you can find that you can get added fruit and vegetable nutrients from Juice Plus+. Nutrients from 7 different fruits and 8 different vegetables, Juice Plus+® is consider whole food nutrition.

Don't forget that a healthy diet rich in raw whole food fruits and vegetables is your first and best bet for good health.

The Health & Wellness Institutute, PC

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