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The Number One Cause of Disease

Posted Oct 15 2010 7:22am

The number one cause of disease is your body’s inability to adapt to its environment. Anything that happens to you is called adaptive physiology. The physiology of your body is to constantly adapt.

There is no such thing as disease.

For example, there is a certain intelligence inside our body that allows it to function; it keeps the lungs breathing, the heart beating, and the immune system functioning. All those functions keep going day in and day out without us thinking about it. Without that, we wouldn’t be alive today.

Our bodies are made of about 70 to 100 trillion cells. Each one of those cells are like little chemical factories where there is about 100,000 chemical reactions going on every minute. Multiply that by 70 trillion cells, and that’s a lot of zeros!

That intelligence is much smarter than us, it adapts to what we’re doing to it, and it keeps us going despite of things we may do to ourselves.

What we want to do is look for ways that we can get out of the way and allow it to work better so we can be healthier than we have ever been in our entire lives.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to look at the physical ways that interfere with the innate intelligence, as well as some nutritional ways, chemical ways, and even emotional ways.

If you want to have optimal health, the key is to allow the intelligence of the body to adapt to an environment the way it should to where you don’t even have to think about it.

We are self healing mechanisms. We should be able to get out of the way and let our body heal itself.

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