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The Notebook

Posted Aug 03 2011 11:22am

I promise this is not a story about love. 

Unless love is paper . . .

And Ryan Gosling is a 4 inch binder . . .

- – -

This post is about my school notebook.  See, at the natural gourmet institute the curriculum is very focused on health supportive cooking, and natural theory and thought.  Along with these aspects its only natural that an environmentally friendliness  is a common theme as well.  The school does a very impressive job staying as green and energy efficient as it can.  However, when it comes to our information, we are handed trees worth of paper.  The school is the first to make jokes about it but honestly until everyone gets a laptop or an ipad or something, that’s what has to be done.

I’m fine with it as I love writing and all things paper , but to organize this damn thing has been quite a bitch!

I started in November with full intent to keep things neat as each class happened and I just couldn’t keep up. Then in March I tried again but didn’t dig deep enough.  Finally I just resigned to really tackle the project during vacation. 

That day was today.

Breakfast was eaten, Coffee was consumed, Seether station on Pandora was a’playin and I got to work.


(its actually worse than it looks there)


An hour in, I was making some serious progress in record time stuffing classes into sheet protectors and labeling them accordingly.


I even got to a point where I started categorizing them into neat easy to comprehend piles such as:

  • Equipment ID – Orientation – Knife Skills
  • Produce, Grain, Bean, Herb & Spice ID
  • Cooking Teqniques
  • Individual Cooking Portions (ex: poultry, fish, salad, sea veg etc.)
  • Improv Cooking
  • Food & Healing – Nutrition – Diet Theory
  • Business Aspects
  • Tests & Homework
  • Friday Night Dinner

I proudly ended up filling a total of 6 inches of organized classes and notes into 2 binders.


We still have a lot more classes to go so I have to get dividers to make a table of contents and obviously another and/or bigger binder.

I’m so happy to be able to cross this off my list as I see myself referencing this notebook many times through my career.


Now that’s what I call love . . .  Red heart


What is a hard organization process you tackled successfully?

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