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the non-dairy milk olympics

Posted Dec 28 2011 5:19pm

One of the most difficult things about giving up dairy is finding a suitable (and ingestible) milk substitute. Unless you’ve been on the hunt at Whole Foods or even your local supermarket, you may not realize how many vegan milk substitutes are out there, I’m talking a ton!

A new vegan is faced with the challenge of selecting the non-dairy moo product that’s right for them….out of upwards of 10 choices!

Rice, soy, coconut, almond, flax, hemp, and even oat milk to name a few.


I love a good bowl of oats or amaranth, so I’ve dabbled a bit with almond and coconut. Just because I’m real into almonds and coconuts.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure the nutritional difference between any of them so I can’t be trusted to make an educated choice…until now.

I picked up 4 popular options (organic and unsweetened/unflavored, of course) and we’re going to put them to the test!

Let’s see which one will be given my gold metal in the Non-Dairy Milk Olympics

Probably the most basic and important quality to many of us. Who’s got the least amount of calories per 1 cup serving?

I typically use milk after my workout, and sugar post HIIT sesh is a no-no. Who sports the lowest grams of the big S-monster?

I mean, duh.

Do milk and fiber go together? They do now!

Who would have guessed these milks have a lot of ingredients? Not me! Which has the fewest?

Milk is notoriously high in fat, but our milk substitute doesn’t have to be.

Added sodium can sneak into places we least expect it. Not on my watch.

Last but most certainly not least, which unsweetened option tastes the best? I’m not against eating some pretty gnarly stuff to improve health but milk shouldn’t have to be one of them.

I’m trying a shot of each to (subjectively) determine which I can bear to use everyday.

  • It’s time for me to select our Gold Medalist! And the grand winner is….

    I’ll tell you why.

    Since I usually use milk in the morning after a workout, my basic requirements are low calorie, zero sugar, high fiber. Rice milk hits the mark!

    Of course we’d love a little protein, but all of these options are surprisingly very low in protein. I suppose I can compromise if I’m mixing with other high protein sources like oats and chia seeds.

    Rice milk had a very mild flavor, and since I don’t usually drink it alone, I really have no problem with the taste. If you’re someone who dies for a tall, cold glass of milk, I’d recommend unsweetened almond milk for sure.

    What are your needs in a milk substitute? Depending on what’s at the top of your list, your gold medalist may be different than mine. So pick a winner and go stock up!

    I asked my followers which non-dairy milk option was their favorite and I got 2 fantastic answers! Thanks Karen and Paige!




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