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The Negative Side Effect of Running

Posted Aug 25 2010 6:30pm


Running has changed my life! It’s allowed me to experience many new things:

See cities from a different dimension and vantage point

Make new friends

Improve my health

Relieve stress

Self confidence

Amazing endorphin rush!

Blog Pictures 2010 299

[Blog Pictures 2010 341[2].jpg]

Jes, me, Heather , and Meghann after the North Face Endurance Challenge

BlogHer 5K Times Square

                                                                        Me, Jill and Jenn , and Jess

But unfortunately, it has come with one very bad side effect lately. Chafing has become the bane of my existence. Even though I’ve shed a few pounds over the past few months I’m dealing with the worst chafing I’ve ever experienced. This weekend Bo and I both came home from our 13 mile runs with horrible chafing and even bleeding. My worst chafing areas are under my right arm pit and between my thighs. My only thoughts are that historically, I ran all my long runs in my Lululemon   Wunder Under crop pants due my leg insecurity.

I’ve decided to try a few different options for my next long run:

Click to enlarge-Renew my friendship with Body Glide

-Ordered 2 different pair of shorts, one from Lululemon and one from CW-X

What are your suggestions? I must say, I felt a lot better that other runners are having similar issues. Today Meghann wrote about the same issue that she’s been facing due to Florida’s heat and humidity! Hopefully by the time we run together next weekend, I’ll be running in comfort!

….and in other news…


Today’s Food

Breakfast to Go

  IMG_4276 IMG_4277

Chobani 0%, blueberries and blackberries, 1/4 c oats, and flaxseed.

Lunch when you run out of Rubbermaid containers


   Celery, hummus,  carrots, tofu/broccoli/green beans/corn/and peppers, and a huge bag of grapes



What can a girl say? It’s been a long week! But, tomorrow will be much better because two of my favorite people arrive for a weekend in NYC! My parents haven’t been to NYC in over ten years so we’ll have a great time exploring the city!


In other news, I have yet another reason to love Eggland’s Best ! I don’t have to stress about which eggs are safe and not safe since I only buy Eggland’s Best and they aren’t involved in any of the recalls!

Eggland's Best are NOT involved in ANY egg recalls.

If you have any questions, click here !

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