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The Mystery of History Vol 3

Posted Jan 27 2013 1:18pm
Another great read in The Mystery of History series. This book covers stories such as: The Medici’s, the Inquisition, and even Christopher Columbus. Amazing is in this book there is just more and more history to learn. Other great or interesting characters covered in this volume are Michelangelo, Martin Luther and Henry VIII, Pocahontas, Shakespeare, and Copernicus.There of course is more history covered such as: West Africa, the Mogul Dynasty of India, Ivan the Terrible, Tokugawa family in Japan.That is not all of course, and then you have the Aboriginals of Australia, Explorers, Pilgrims, Painters, Sculptors, Scientists, and Philosophers.All in more history than one could hope for in a single, concise, simple, well-written book.This book will open your mind to the possibilities of learning so much history and understanding the timeline between the biblical and world history stories. I have read this book with my son and every time we read it, we enjoy it so much more. It is fascinating and keeps you hooked, especially if you are a history buff.
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