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The Mystery of History Vol 2

Posted Jan 27 2013 1:19pm
This is the second book in the series of The Mystery of History. The Early Church and the Middle Ages explores the death and resurrection of Jesus and how the church first began. It is very in depth reading and has taken a couple of reads just to wrap my mind around it. The book covers this time in history through the many trials, and persecution that Jesus suffered and still managed to spread the good word of the Lord.The stories covered in this volume are the fall of the Roman Empire and the unsettling Dark Ages that ensued. There are stories about damsels, Dante, Chaucer, Vikings, villains, kings, queens, peasants, knights, castles, crusades that anyone who reads can visit.This book also covers the life of Mohammed and the actual spread of Islam. It explores the struggles of the early churches, the rise and fall of Japan and China, Africa, the Incas, rituals and so much more.This book will open your mind to the possibilities of learning so much history and understanding the timeline between the biblical and world history stories. I have read this book with my son and every time we read it, we enjoy it so much more. It is fascinating and keeps you hooked, especially if you are a history buff. 
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