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The Mystery of History Vol 1

Posted Jan 27 2013 1:20pm
Volume 1 covers the Creation to the Resurrection. The book covers history chronologically and biblically compared to the World History us folks have learned or are currently learning. It is an awesome wonder to have an author be able to devote endless hours of time researching, writing, and teaching biblical history with world history for the world to learn the truth and facts all in one simple, concise, book.The book covers stories such as the Garden of Eden, Sumer, Babel to Troy, Phoenicia and Assyria. It also covers very early civilizations including King Wu of China, King David, Julius Caesar, Asoka of India and Xerxes of Persia.When you read the book you will be amazed at how biblical and non-biblical figures were just decades apart such as: Ruth and Helen of Troy, Joshua and King Tut, Ezekiel and Buddha, Daniel and Aesop, and finally Nehemiah and Socrates.This book opens your mind to the possibilities of learning so much history and understanding the timeline between the biblical and world history stories. I have read this book with my son and every time we read it, we enjoy it so much more. It is fascinating and keeps you hooked, especially if you are a history buff.
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