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The mysterious case of the twitching bum…

Posted Jun 04 2010 8:26am

I am facing a bit of a mystery these days…well not really a mystery, but definitely something strange.  It’s likely just a sign of my less-than-preferred physical shape, but I’ve noticed lately that after a good workout or run, my butt cheeks kind of feel like they’re twitching!  Nothing serious, I don’t think anyone would be able to visually notice, but just little surface twitches, almost an electrical sensation.  Totally weird.  I noticed it after my stroller boot camp classes and then last night after my run.  Strange.

Anyhow, feeling bad that I’m gaining a bit too quickly this pregnancy, I decided to do something about it so I went for a nice little run before dinner.  While I’m still sort of getting my running legs back again, I don’t want to push the distance too much so I’m just doing little 3-5 km runs.

Last night I did my usual route and while I was running I was thinking I should name it the “Willoughby Wiggle”.  Willoughby because that is the name of my neighbourhood and Wiggle because that’s what I think I do when I run these days! 

So here’s the results of last night’s Willoughby Wiggle:

  • Total distance:  3.4 km
  • Total time:  24:45
  • Average pace:  7:17/km

It was a short little run, but I actually ran it a bit faster than the last few runs.  Yay for small victories!  While I was running last night, and it was a beautiful night for a run I might add, I was reminded of the importance of regulating your breathing.  When I’m slightly out of shape, that nice regular rhythmic breathing doesn’t come naturally and I tend to kind of breathe whenever.  But, I was trying to keep it steady last night because it makes such a difference.  A nice steady breathing pattern helps me focus, seems to help me stay a bit stronger and not wimp out and most importantly, helps my avoid getting any weird stitches or cramps which I find more common during pregnancy runs.

Anyhow, it was a good night and I even came home and had just one small helping of chicken and made up the rest in my favorite salad.  I’m a self-proclaimed salad-hater but I actually DO have a favorite salad.  Yum.

Okay, gotta go get cleaned up and ready to go to boot camp.  Hmm, now where did Marcus crawl off to?

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