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The mouse incident & my favorite nutrition bars

Posted Jun 03 2012 10:09pm
Home Health The mouse incident & my favorite nutrition bars

14 comments May 31/12 Health, Healthy Eating, Pregnancy

Yesterday was trash day in my neighborhood.  As I was bringing up my garbage can, I stopped dead in my tracks upon seeing a dead mouse lying at my feet.  I’m not sure what words came out of my mouth at that moment (hopefully, the baby wasn’t listening), but I am proud to report that I didn’t scream.

The incident did cause an old, unpleasant, mouse-related memory to resurface though.


And unfortunately, it wasn’t this kind of a mouse.

When I was in the 7th grade, my mom’s friend Teri took me to the pet store after school, so we could get some new toys for her cats.  We loaded up on toy mice and cat food before she dropped me off at my house.

A few minutes after arriving home, I saw something lying on the floor.  As I walked closer, I noticed that it was a mouse (what I assumed to be a toy mouse that Teri had possibly dropped out of her shopping bag).

Well, I can tell you that it most certainly was not a toy mouse.

As soon as I grabbed it to pick it up, I noticed that it was warm, and it squirmed!

Much like yesterday, I am pretty sure that nothing good came out of my mouth then either (thankfully, my mother wasn’t home at the time).  But I definitely screamed.

I remember calling my dad at work, so he could walk me through removing the mouse from our home.  Looking back on the incident, I feel sort of bad for that little mouse since I am pretty sure he was on the brink of death and had gotten into some spray in the basement when I found him.

Even so, I get pretty creeped out to this day whenever I see one.  I mean, what are the odds of buying a fake mouse and then finding a real one a few minutes later?

I’m beginning to think that things that only happen to me, but at least they keep life interesting!


Moving on from mice to nutrition bars…

I’ve been into nutrition bars for awhile because they make for such convenient easy snacks.  Some of them can even serve as meal replacements when you’re in a pinch.   When selecting a nutrition bar, I always try to look for ones with natural ingredients, no more than 10-20 grams of natural sugar, at least some fiber, and more than 3 grams of protein.

Here are some of my favorites…



Favorite flavor:  Almond & Coconut

Ingredients:  Almonds, dried coconut, honey, non GMO glucose, puffed rice, chicory fiber, soy lecithin

Nutritional information:  210 calories; 10 grams of sugar; 4 grams of protein; 4 grams of fiber

Where you can find them:  Starbucks, Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo, REI, Earth Fare, The Vitamin Shoppe, BuyBuy Baby, Amazon, KIND’s official website


Lara Bar

Favorite flavor: Cashew Cookie (with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough as a close second)

Ingredients:  Cashew and dates (seriously, that’s all!)

Nutritional information: 230 calories; 18 grams of sugar; 6 grams of protein; 3 grams of fiber

Where you can find them: Harris Teeter, Earth Fare, Trader Joe’s, Amazon, Larabar’s official store


Uber by Larabar (These are brand new!)

Favorite flavor: Bananas Foster

Ingredients: Walnuts, almonds, brown rice syrup, dates, dried bananas, pecans, honey, sea salt, cinnamon

Nutritional information: 230 calories; 8 grams of sugar; 4 grams of protein; 3 grams of fiber

Where you can find them: Larbar’s official store


Bellybar (These are specifically made for pregnant women.)

Favorite flavor: S’more to Love

Ingredients: Brown rice syrup, oats, milk chocolate, soy crisp, soybeans, brown rice crisp, cocoa butter,vegetable glycerin, natural flavors, non-fat milk powder, mini marshmallows, pear juice concentrate, cocoa**

Nutritional information: 170 calories; 12 grams of sugar; 2 grams of fiber; 8 grams of protein; 55 milligrams of choline; 75 milligrams of potassium; 25 grams of carbs

Where you can find them: Motherhood, Amazon, Walgreens, Bellybar’s official website,

** Although these bars contain some dairy, they have never aggravated my dairy intolerance.  However, I suggest consulting with your OBGYN before trying these if you have any kind of a dairy allergy or intolerance.


Tell me, have you ever had an unfortunate encounter with a mouse?  If you eat nutrition bars, what are your favorite brands and flavors?  I love trying new ones, so recommendations are much appreciated.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Sarah from Nourish and Flourish sent me one of those Bananas Foster bars and I haven’t had it yet! Must try!

  2. did you buy the belly bars off their website or can you find in a store? i think i want to try them!

    • We went to Motherhood in Concord Mills over the weekend, and I bought them there. I think I am going to check my Walgreens though or order more on Amazon. :)

  3. Oh mice and the human being! I had an invasion in our one house and pooping on everything in the kitchen – YUCKO:( My other half decided to use glue traps – NEVER AGAIN!

    On a more pleasant note – Have a Great Day:)

  4. EWWW! That is sooo nasty. That is def something that would scar me for the rest of my life, too. ICK. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it!

    As far as bars go, I eat the Clif Z-Bars in Graham Cracker and Chocolate Chip… they are for kids, but I like them because they’re significantly less expensive than other bars, and they’re also less calories. Some of those bars are quite ginormous in size and/or calories!

    • Believe it or not, I haven’t tried the Clif Z-Bars. I’ll have to pick them up the next time I’m at Trader Joe’s. :)

  5. I consider myself a bar whore because I can’t walk out of a store without buying one. I love them all but KIND & LARABARs are totally my favorite :)

  6. I LOVE Larabars! Who wouldn’t with the very short list of ingredients! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite, half of one works great for a dessert stand in!

  7. Ah! You picked up the mouse thinking it was a toy? AH! Oh my gosh, I would have died.

  1. The mouse incident & my favorite nutrition bars | The Grass Skirt - kind-bars - [...] More: The mouse incident & my favorite nutrition bars | The Grass Skirt This entry is filed ...

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