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The Missing Link to Success!

Posted Aug 11 2008 10:51pm
For years, I’ve been searching for the “secret” to success.  I’ve read countless books (that have basically said the same thing) on self-improvement and financial freedom.  I’ve been to seminars.  I’ve seen the videos.  I’ve conducted the interviews with people that I have considered successful!  And yet, I wasn’t successful.  When I would talk to others, I would listen to their stories and advice about what I need to do in order to get a successful result.  Everyone told me the same thing.  And my response was, “Yeah, but I already know that!  I know that and I’m still this way!” 

It wasn’t until recently that I found the antedote to my “lack of success”.  Once I understood it, everything started to change.  I lost 10 lbs in a month, I had less debt, I had more energy, I was completing my projects, and I felt GREAT!  A transformation took place after I found out the missing link!  And here it is:


I realized that I “knew of” the strategies to success, but I never embodied it.  I was looking for the quick solutions to get what I wanted.  Then I realized that I was too busy trying to get more information rather than apply the knowledge I already had!  And that was the difference.

Listen, every “diet” program works!  You just have to do it!  Every financial book, audio program, or seminar works!  You just have to do it!  And here’s the other part to it.  You have to do it CONSISTENTLY until it works. 

I was one who tried something and give up after a month because “it didn’t work.”  But the truth was that it didn’t get the result that I wanted in the time that I wanted.  The program did work.  It gave me results, and had I continued, it would have gotten me to where I want to go. 

So please, DO THE WORK!  Like the saying goes:  PLAN THE WORK AND WORK THE PLAN!

That’s the secret to success.  You have to put in the time and energy in order to get what you want.  Don’t be too busy learning EVERYTHING!  Learn what you need and apply.  Then, when things change, learn more.  Please don’t make the same mistake I did.  Apply the knowledge that you have accumulated and take action!

Good luck and please share your thoughts!

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