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The Missing Link: Heavy Metals, A Leading Cause of Autoimmune Disease

Posted Feb 24 2013 10:11pm

You might not know this to look at me, but I’m in the fight of my life.

Even though I’ve learned to manage my lupus, Raynaud’s, chilblains, migraines, allergies and debilitating fatigue – I’ve only recently discovered the probable root cause of my autoimmunity: heavy metal poisoning.

That’s a BOLD statement, and while I’m cautiously optimistic, deep down I believe in it BOLDLY.

In April, I was diagnosed with mercury toxicity (also known as brain poisoning) for the second time in my life. That’s right, the second time – but more on that in a minute.

If mercury toxicity wasn’t enough, I was also tested for lead poisoning. My urine reflected toxic levels nearly 3 times higher than the average person (my result: 5.6, reference interval: <2).

Once again my world was shaken, and this time it felt like a toxic twister disheveling every aspect of my existence. The tumultuous metals literally left every stone and cell unturned, affecting my daily functioning right down to my gut (literally): relationships, work, food, digestion, my nutrition philosophy and how I view the world – check, check and check.

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