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The Mindful Diet: Being Truly Aware is Better For You and the Planet

Posted Nov 03 2011 10:27am

tomato bruschetta

I was in a yoga class a while back and the teacher reminded us that your diet was one of the most powerful ways you could exhibit ahimsa, or nonviolence. Being truly mindful is good for your waistline and for the planet.

Eating mindfully , I mean truly mindfully, has been one of the guiding principles of my life. But what does that mean? Does mindful eating mean going meat-free or does it have more to do with chewing slowly? In fact, it encompasses the entire ritual of eating and how we view our diet.

I spoke above about the yogic principle of ahimsa, which means living nonviolently. But what does that mean for your diet? It means causing as little suffering as physically possible through the diet you eat. This includes the suffering of the cow and the treatment of the hen in the steak and eggs you had for breakfast. But not only that, how were the farmers who grew your tomato treated? Were they paid well?

Further, the planet is a living being as well, so the principle ahimsa extends to our treatment of the planet. Not only that, but by eating a locally sourced diet, you’re putting as little impact on the planet as possible.

Eating used to be a ritual, and now it’s more about quickly refueling and moving on. The process of getting the foods we eat has gotten so easy that we’re no longer thankful for our meals. By first being mindful about food sourcing and then being thankful about the meal, you’re more likely to make positive choices for your health and the health of the planet. Choose well, eat slowly and be grateful.

Please join me in my daily adventures finding peace and serenity in my yoga practice and my cooking creations. My two loves in life: food and yoga combine for this Serene Kitchen experience.

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