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The Main Treatment For Halitosis

Posted Mar 21 2009 3:19pm

It is estimated that one in four people suffers from bad breath. So if you are looking for a cure for this condition then you are not alone. It is better to be pro-active about your condition than neglect or ignore your halitosis and unconsciously make people feel bad . Halitosis is another term for bad breath. It should be treated so that it will not interfere with your daily interactions with your friends and colleagues.

Oral Bacteria Causes Bad Breath

Ninety percent of bad breath causes are can be immensely attributed to the oral bacteria in the mouth. A number of bacteria live at the posterir part of the tongue. The unusual coating in one’s tongue should be scraped off since they cause the foul stench. It is necessary to remove the bacteria from the crevices in one’s mouth.

After eating, most bacteria thrive in your mouth, usually stuck between the teeth and on and around the tongue. Food particles that are stuck between teeth and gum lines are major places where bacteria converge and multiply . Ordinarily, this is where bacteria thrive and cause bad breath.

Eliminate the Bacteria

Regular brushing can definitely eliminate the bacteria lurking on the tongue, in between teeth and in gum lines. Brush one’s teeth at least three times a day. Also, make sure to scrape off the coating on one’s tongue. Remember that a lot of bacteria reside on the tongue. They seem to prefer the texture of the tongue. It is best to buy a toothbrush that has a built in tongue cleaner.

Constant brushing and flossing of one’s teeth and tongue can immensely eliminate the bacteria causing bad breath in one’s mouth. Remember that gums or mouthwashes will only conceal the stench but do not really cure the source of the problem.

The cure for the oral bacteria which causes your bad breath is to religiously remove the bacteria on a daily basis. Always keep in mind that gums, mouthwash or mints will only conceal the smell but the bad breath is not at all being cured. A thorough and regular cleansing of one’s teeth, tongue and gums is one best cure for bad breath caused by oral bacteria.

If you really cannot avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks, coffee or food rich in spices, then you may use gum that is sugar free, mints and candies. You may want to capitalize on mouth sprays for immediate remedy. Please keep in mind that these products provide temporary relief. It does not solve the real cause of one’s halitosis.

Curing halitosis is a very liberating experience. When you have successfully eliminated the bacteria causing your bad breath then you can definitely enjoy life and your interaction with people in general. When people start to enjoy their conversations with you then you know your breath condition has been cured.

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