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The Magic Grocer

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:46pm


Yesterday afternoon I stopped by a local supermarket to pick up a couple of items, one of them being canned pumpkin. I went down the aisle of canned vegetables where I thought I would find canned pumpkin, I found all sorts of beans, corn, even canned yams, however no pumpkin. I then thought, hmmm, maybe they only carry canned pumpkin during the holiday season when people are apt to making pumpkin pies.

 At the end of the aisle I spied a gentleman wearing a green apron and name tag working in the produce section. I went up to the grocer who appeared to be in his sixties and asked him if he knew if the store stocked canned pumpkin. He said “sure we do, you will find it in the baking supplies aisle.” I thought, well that makes sense as this grocer put down what he was working on and proceeded to walk me down the appropriate aisle right to the section that housed the canned pumpkin. I bent down to pick up a couple of cans and the grocer said “Did you see my magic?” Now being in business where I focus on customers, my first thought went to the magic of the customer service he had just demonstrated to me and I smiled and said “Yes, I have seen your magic, you are very good, thank-you very much for your help”, to which this grocer with a friendly smile asked me again, “Are you sure you have seen my magic?” Now I am thinking, hmmm, he is not talking about customer service, what magic is he referring to?  Realizing that I was in the presence of a special moment I replied, “I guess I have not seen your magic”. The grocer than took a quarter from his pocket and asked me to kneel down on the floor with him. He then bounced the coin off of the floor and with an exaggerated sweep of his arm caught the quarter in mid-air with his right hand. As soon as he had caught the quarter he opened up his hand to show me that his hand was empty and then slowly extended his left hand out to me and dropped the disappeared coin into my hand and smiled. I laughed a little laugh of joy at his trick and thanked him for sharing his magic with me. He smiled, told me to have a great day and turned to go back to taking care of his produce section. I said “hey wait a minute, here is your quarter”, the magical grocer turned to me, smiled and said “keep it, I give a pocket full of those that I give away every day”.

I love that I was available for a magical moment yesterday, I am grateful for the time that this magic grocer took to touch my life. This is a glorious example of how each of us can take the time to touch the lives of others every day and it is also an example of how when we are available, when we are present in the moment that often times magic happens.

When we are not available, when we are not present, when we are in a bad mood or in a hurry we risk the chance that we may miss the magic that comes our way.

The magic grocer also shows us that we have the opportunity to create magic everyday. We all have the ability and opportunity to touch people and bring magic into there lives everyday. The magic grocer uses magic tricks as a way to touch people; your magic can be as simple as a smile, a kind word or some spare change.

Today be aware of opportunities to receive magic and to produce magic! Be open to bliss, be bliss and your journey will truly be a magical one!

Be sure to listen today for you may hear from the great universal speaker that there is magic in aisle 9, believe me you won’t want to miss this daily special!

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