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The low blood sugar saga

Posted Jul 23 2009 11:01pm
So remember that low blood sugar thing from the other day? I believe it's definitely linked to high carb meals. I have been paying attention lately and notice that a normal meal of protein-first-moderate-carbs doesn't cause any type symptoms. But if I eat something that's higher in carbs than I should probably be eating, then I pay the price a couple hours later.

Yesterday I ate high carb stuff (Fiber One pop tart) on my drive to work instead of a protein drink. At 10:15 my glucose count was 68 and accompanied by shakiness and lightheadedness. I ate my normal breakfast and was better in 15 minutes.

Today I had my usual protein hot chai tea on my commute and checked my glocose count at 10:15 and it was 75, no shakiness, feel fine.I have oatmeal scheduled for breakfast today (about to eat it right now), so I'm curious to see what my count is going to be just before lunch.

Yeah - I probably shouldn't be playing around with this stuff and just wait to meet with my doctor on Monday, but I'm curious and want to see what the numbers say after different types of meals. I'm keeping a log of what I eat (as usual) and recording the times when I feel like my blood sugar levels are dropping along with glucose readings at those times. At least I'll have some data to present to the doctor on Monday when I see him.

I'm being careful not to play around with high carb meals/snacks when I know I'll be driving within a couple hours of eating - which is when I experience the disorientation stuff. So don't worry that I'm doing anything stuipid at this point.

And the saga continues...

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