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The Love Series: How I Embraced LOVE

Posted Sep 01 2010 12:00am

When Lori announced her choice of raoka theme LOVE for the month of August, my heart literally skipped a beat. More so cause of excitement and utter glee at the thought of what I could write about and focus on all through the month.
For those of you who know me, know how much ‘in love’ with Love I am. I think, I eat and I breathe love too :)
Since when I can recall, I’ve always been the ‘love everything’ kind. When I was little I would be in love with my kittens and cry buckets and buckets for days when they were sick. I would go out of my way to baby sit the kids of the whole neighbourhood, even when I had final exams the next day. I would gladly announce to all how much I love my new shoes, or my new teachers, or my new classroom. I chased butterflies and would lie down for hours watching the clouds as they passed by, always making big beautiful hearts in the sky.

My freinds would always ask me, “how can you love everything? There must be something you don’t like….”. Hmmm…I never ever thought of things I didn’t like. As I grew up this “in love” feeling grew more and more. I had started going out of my way to love and show love, without even realizing it.

Yes, I have had my share of heart breaks, but still, I couldn’t stop loving every little thing. I loved life and all things in it. Until the day when I fell flat on my face cause of this immense love. It was the most massive heart break. I cried buckets, I sulked, I went into a bit of a depressive state. But still, when a cousin of mine asked me how I felt about that person or rather did I not hate that person for doing this to me…. I could not feel anything negative. That was the time when spirituality and the Divine entered my life in full force.

In researching and contemplating I’ve realized that although this heart, as soft and gentle as it is, is only made for loving and nothing else. The heart cant be made to hate, that word doesn’t exist for the pure and gentle heart. Its like when a baby is born, its pure, knows no hatred, no malice, no negativity..its just pure love. Over the years though we tend to put up coats or layers on this heart of all the negative feelings and emotions. The layers become so thick that we stop feeling, we become numb. In this numbness lies severe emotional pain and lack of total happiness.

Getting rid of these layers or coats
is only possible when we can force ourselves to start loving again. For when we can start loving, slowly those layers those coats of negativity will melt away, revealing that pure gentle loving heart once again. This in its totality is what I mean when I say I have Embraced Love. Every time I think a negative feeling is coming up, I immediately do an act of love. So beautifully does that negative feeling melt away to be replaced by positive love.

Right now as I type this I can feel that love in my heart. I can feel it overflowing for You and for everyone and everything in my life. Its the one feeling I associate with as being totally and completely Alive.

Love heals all wounds, love creates bridges where there were none, love gives hope, love is what is truly whats making this world turn in its axis. To me love is Divine. Where there is love The Almighty The divine  Lives and flourishes. Where there is love the soul ascends to new heights in every moment.

And in focusing on Love all of last month, I learned something new. Something magical. That love can have a magnificent chain reaction. That when I express and act in love with someone, that someone does the same with the very next person they meet, and the chain continues. How totally divine and magical is that? One act of love can create a chain of love. I can very happily say I’ve created a very long chain of love.

What were these acts of love?-

  • -I smiled very very wide right from my heart.
  • -I helped and listened to friends and family vent, with loving care.
  • -I said “i love you” atleast a 100 times everyday, there by teaching my  little girl to say it too. She has started saying, I love pink color or I love my cup :)
  • -I opened my heart to new possibilities of life and Love. In doing so I have attracted so much love, from the most unlikely of places.
  • -I truly embraced myself and loved myself just as I am. No complains…just love.
  • -I love twitter. In order to show my appreciation and love to all my fellow twitter buddies I started #EverydayLuv tag. Which is basically to show your love to all your friends there Everyday :) Want to share the love on twitter come join me there @zeenatsyal

SO what are you waiting for? Go on, be the love! Spread the Love! Heal with Love! There is no other way to pure bliss :) Oh…and while you are at it…share your wisdom & love in  the comments below too. I would love to learn of some more ways to be the love!

Love is such a vast topic that one article cannot do justice to it, so I have decided to turn it into a series of articles maybe 3-4 articles, spread over the period of the next few weeks.
Next Week- I will talk about “how we can truly heal all our relationships with Love”. To stay updated and not miss any part of this series please click here to subscribe.

With Immense Love and Gratitude,

RAOKA- This article is part of The RAOKA mission that seeks to remind us that Random Acts of Kick Arse{raoka} happen all around usand also to spread the spirit. Each month, one of us RAOKA groupies picks a new theme to focus our attention toward positivity and goodness in this world. On the first Wednesday of each month (US time zone) we all post about what we’ve observed.
The RAOKA team
check out other LOVE posts:
- Lori at Jane Be Nimble, -Lance at Jungle of Life , -Gayze at Gazehound’s Animal Communication . *Stay tuned for next month’s theme: Grace (chosen by M at The Exception ).:) RAOKA’s creator, Sami May , is currently on blogging hiatus and may return in the future Lori has picked up the torch for her in the interim.If you would like to part of this, please contact Lori and she will set you up.

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