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The Love-Hate Relationship

Posted Mar 14 2013 12:14am
Oh, my friends...
I know we all have those love-hate relationships.
I am having a few right now. 
*Running and Training*Loving it and hating it.*My Body*Loving me and hating me.
That doesn't really sound too fabulous, but I try to be as honest as I can be.Real life*Real blog*Real me
The weather has finally forced me to the treadmill. I toughed it out all winter and it is just so cold and damp. I am tired of multiple pairs of socks and gloves.I don't want to whine about it or anything. It isn't some sort of tragedy, it is just a pain in the buns!Between the weather and the trip to the gym, I have struggled to keep my mojo.Yep, we've all been there.This time of year is a butt kicker for lots of people who don't get the benefit of sunshine.So it is the treadmill and the tanning booth.Ha! Oh wow, didn't realize this picture was all cleavage! Nice. Keepin' it Classy at Planet Fitness! I took my new Mizuno Elixir 7's for a run today. Loved them!We did a 5k this morning and it went pretty well. 28:38, so I nice cruising pace.I am thinking it is time to give myself a little push though. Feeling a little too comfortable. I still get in Planks when I can...they are one of the best core exercises you can do!
So, yeah...My body is the other love-hate thing going on.As usual, I am always trying to figure out what food my body has decided to rebel against. Hey! Fun stuff, always keeps me on my toes! I was in the middle of my long run on Sunday, when my entire body decided to go all noodle-y (totally a word!) on me and whoa...almost passed out. Hmm...what the heck?That was a new one for me.Grabbed some water, ate a banana and called it a day just over half way in.That happened while I was in Tulsa for the weekend. I am pretty sure that I just hadn't eaten enough.I am back to the drawing board on my eating plan. Something is amiss and I know I am not getting enough of *something*. It's a good thing that my passion for nutrition is growing. I will be my own science project! HaHa!Speaking of science projects...What's happening in the Mind, Body, and Goal kitchen lately? About 6 of these found their way into my cart. And this one found its way into my belly, along with some pumpkin protein 'cookie dough' and a dollop of salt & sugar free organic sunflower seed butter. So good! I was pretty excited to find this Thunderbird Energetica Hyper Hawaiian Crunch bar.No nuts, no coconut, no added sugar, raw, chewy and sweet. I am finding that my super high maintenance tummy seems to be pretty happy with raw foods.This guy was a winner!This is the latest in muffin experiments... Red VelvetMmm...I whipped this one together this morning and it needs some work.It was a little blah, but I will get it right. The Black & White is definitely pretty popular. The cacao nibs seem to be sneaking into a lot of things lately.Good stuff!
Oh is after midnight. My plan to go to bed earlier just doesn't seem to be working out so well.Kind of like blogging daily...(Ahem...)But we have had flights, job hunting, lacrosse registration and equipment shopping, teenager distress to the Nth degree, a lacrosse ball to the face accident that was a big old bloody mess, puking cats, and about a million other things going on. Yep, a little bit of life going on.Loving it and Hating it. Keep going, always.
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