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the lost art of making the ordinary sacred

Posted Oct 29 2013 12:28am

To you, what is sacred?


Do you have a sacred meal? A sacred relationship? Do you say a sacred prayer?

In today’s society, we’ve pretty much forgotten about making things sacred. Most of us have thrown away the traditional ways of gratefulness and mindfulness in our lives. We’ve lost the art of ritual, of prayer, of dance, of song.

This past weekend, I spent a day and night at Harbin Hot Springs- soaking my body in warm and cold waters and healing on all levels. Spending time with my sister was…sacred…The springs were…sacred…Sleeping under the stars was…sacred…Connection was…sacred.

But then the lightness hit me- not only are the special moments sacred…EVERY moment is sacred.


What if going to the market is sacred? What if showering is sacred? What if every smile, every wave, every hug is sacred?

Would we eat slower? Savor each bite? Spend time with loved ones? Do the things we are passionate about?

This small and simple shift in thinking could revolutionize, change, and harmonize our world paradigm for the better and for the brighter, for us, our loved ones, and the world.



what about you…

What do you do that’s sacred to you?

let me know in the comments below!



–Albert Einstein


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