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Posted Apr 02 2011 8:46pm

WORKOUT – 11 mile run, 1:43 minutes (9:21 pace)

I ended up 3 miles short this week (according to my training schedule). I didn’t map out my run today, but I was sure I went at least the 12 I was suppose to run today. Not so. And I had to stop a few times to stretch because my knee started killing me. UGH. Yesterday I was supposed to run 2 miles, but didn’t...lots of excuses there (like finishing THIS WEBSITE ). So, this week I ran 22.5 miles instead of 25 1/2. Sigh

On a happier note, I fixed my hair, kind of (just a few snip snips here & there by my own hand)

DSC08259 It’s still not exactly what I wanted, but I like it enough. Much better than yesterday’s cut.


I TOTALLY JUST GOT “APRIL FOOLSed” by my man. Last night I couldn’t open any of the folders on my desktop...but didn’t think much of it because my computer is just that way (aka DUMB). Then today I still couldn’t get anything to open - UGH...what the crap!! Well, you want to know why?!?!

untitled My man took a picture of my desktop (via the Print Screen function) and made it my desktop background & hid all my icons. So, although the folders & icons appeared to be there...they were just stinkin’ pictures. OOooh. What a little brat!!

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