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The Long and Short of Hair Extensions

Posted Nov 09 2011 10:27am


Here’s a secret: I used to wear hair extensions.

Or rather, I used to live for my hair extensions. They were my source of confidence. If I had thick, luscious hair to flip around, I was happy and confident. But here’s the bad part: it didn’t matter to me (at the time) if they matched perfectly, or if they were ratty.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about clip-in hair extensions, because I do condone them if you are not in lurve with your short or thin hair. However, I will be adamant that they have to match and blend into your natural hair.

Here’s the only picture I could find with my short hair:  It was shorter than that though. I had to cut my hair off after a disastrous transition to brunette then a quick transition back to blonde.

Here’s a picture — from 2007 — of me with what I consider “good hair extensions”:And from 2008 (I got into a curly hair phase, something which I’d never be able to do with my thin hair): 

Here’s an example of bad hair extensions:

2009. The extensions don't match the top of my hair AT ALL.

It took me five very long years and hundreds of dollars of clip in hair extensions to get where I am today. I have never been happier with my all-natural hair.

Sans extensions:  Well, every picture of me on this blog is without extensions, because I stopped wearing them altogether in January.

I did, however, let them have a night of glory on my 21st birthday. But it wasn’t like giving an ex-smoker another cigarette; it was just nice to have that extra volume in my hair for a special night (what extensions should be for instead of being a hair security blanket). But that’s where it ended for me. I still keep a set on hand just incase, but I love my natural length now. The colour….well…. that’s a different story ;)

Have you ever worn/do you wear hair extensions?

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