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Posted Jan 12 2011 5:23pm

Yesterday I found this mongo tub of cheese balls on sale. I bought it with the intention of bringing it to my man’s office and making his desk the snack spot, maybe embarrass him a little in the mean time. But as it turns out, the little man LOVES them, so the tub is staying home.

DSC06664 DSC06660 DSC06662

I guess what little kid doesn’t like cheese puffs?


Maybe this sodium filled junk food isn’t the best thing my 9 1/2 month old could be eating, but mother like son I guess!


At least I make him eat his veggies before he gets his snack!!

After snack time, he and I went for a walk. It started out just a trip to the mailbox (5 min. walk), then I decided to walk over and pay our water bill (15 min.), then I just had to keep going. DSC06680 DSC06680



[Look at that sweet little boy!!]





It felt so good to be outside, although very cold, and it was the only exercise I have gotten today (aside from running around cleaning the gym at work this morning).


We ended up walking for just under an hour and made it 3.75 miles.


Walking is one of my forms of cross-training. I have had lots of running injuries in the past and they were all mostly because I over did it on the running. I have to throw in a couple days off, walking, or some other form of cross-training, otherwise I fear the dreaded injury bus will hit again.

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