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The Link between Poultry and Bladder Infections

Posted Jul 18 2012 12:31pm

Recently NPR released an article discussing the possible correlation between chickens given antibiotics and human bladder infections.

Maryn McKenna discussed her book, The SuperBug, and the results of her research on antibiotic resistance from food. She examined the use of antibiotics at large scale farms in Canada, United States, Europe, Australia and how those antibiotics get into the human system either through the environment or consumed meat.

McKenna found a certain strain of resistance to E.coli (the type that cause bladder infections) in three places: chickens at slaughter, chicken meat, and human infections. With the rise of these antibiotics in chickens, there was also a spike in seen bladder infections. This caused the Infectious Diseases Society of America to start restricting certain types of antibiotics allowed for use in slaughter animals.

In 2003 a research article came out raising the question “are consumers just overly cautious?” Stating that American poultry is “very safe and  meet the highest standards to exclude chemical contaminants”.

Is it safe to say that there is a cause and effect going on with poultry and antibiotic resistance? Not 100%. But the main take away is that we, as consumers and health conscious people, need to be aware of the quality of meat we are consuming. Be aware of where the meat comes from, the farm quality, and the life quality of the animal. As well as the idea that what goes into the animal will, in the end, end up in us.





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