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The Light Seekers

Posted Feb 13 2013 5:27pm

It seems from birth we all strive toward the light.
An incredibly worthy, and natural task.
The light offers it all – illumination, brilliance, warmth, and growth.

In our quest for the light, we weave our path
around obstacles that are placed before us,
by accident or not,
and strive headlong into the glow.


Some have the ability to reach these higher levels faster than others.
They grow taller, easily, without much stress it seems.
While others are distracted,
twisted, and tormented from their path.

Hastily following a straightforward path may come at a cost.
While they are perhaps at the top of their class for a short time,
there is evidence everywhere of how easily they may topple or “fall from grace”.


This may well be a description of the human populace;
it is however observations made of a forest,
from a recent journey into nature.

The similarities are astounding!

Why do so many topple?
They lack a solid connection to source.


Upward and onward, with no looking back.
Its almost as if they forget from whence they came.
In their race for the radiance,
they do not establish a firm bond with mother earth herself.

On the other hand, there are those that take time (or are sometimes forced)
to put down roots that penetrate deep into the darkness.
On the surface they may look aged and tortured,
but they exude wisdom, and a strength, that cannot be denied.

This comes from honouring and nurturing
their connection to the dark, in their quest for the light.


To us, this means taking time out from our relentless drive toward the glow,
and reaffirm our roots to this earth.
These roots that are held, nourished, and strengthened
by acknowledging the darker, and often forgotten realms of ourselves.

Only then, we can truthfully stand tall in the forest.


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