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The key to healthy nails

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:50pm

Want longer, healthier, prettier nails? Check out what you’re eating!

You can see from the following picture just how long my nails have gotten. I just cut them maybe two weeks ago and already they have gotten so long that it was becoming difficult to put in/take out my contacts.


So I cut them off and decided a pretty fall-like color was in order.


Nail Growth
Nails grow all the time, but their rate of growth slows down with age and poor circulation. Fingernails grow faster than toenails at a rate of 3mm per month. It takes 6 months for a nail to grow from the root to the free edge. Toenails grow about 1 mm per month and take 12-18 months to be completely replaced. and a few other Web sites I’ve checked out say that nails only typically grow 3 mm per month, but I think that’s a load of crap. I can cut mine down past the tops of my fingertips (like in the above picture) and in two weeks they are ridiculously long, again.

I’ve noticed the quick growth in my nails more recently–since I really started focusing on making my foods quality ones. It’s interesting to me how our diet and nutrition affects our whole body, not just the bigger picture.

Looking to grow longer, healthy nails quicker? Here’s the vitamins you need to be including in your diet:

Iron: Can be found in red meats, spinach, prune juice, and walnuts. Low levels of iron can affect the shape of the nails.
Zinc: Found naturally in oysters and king crabs, can also be found in beef shanks and some fortified cereals. Not getting enough of this nutrient can cause white spots to form under nails as they grow, as well as slow the growth process of the nails.
Biotin: (Water soluble Vitamin B): Supplement that can be taken to improve strength of human nails. Has also been shown to improve growth of hooves in animals.

I used to bite my nails off faster than they could grow. It was a habit I broke in order to have beautiful nails for my wedding. I was determined to have my own nails manicured and not replace them with acrylics (I hate the way fake nails feel). And I succeeded!


You can see the results in the above photo, a little bit. I felt so happy on my wedding day and I was proud to have broken a habit I’d battled many times in the past.


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