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The Inaugural Jogging Stroller Run

Posted Jan 27 2010 10:23am
Yesterday was a good day. I went to stroller baby boot camp and worked my butt off from 1-2. A few of the other mommies and I went out and stuffed our faces with Mexican food afterwards from 2-3. Feeling somewhat guilty about the chimichanga and somewhat inspired by the nice weather, I went out for a run from 4:30-5. Then sadly, I had a lapse of reason and ate fries while watching Biggest Loser from 7-8.

The important part of that paragraph however is that I went out for a run yesterday afternoon. But not just any run, this was my first run taking the jogging stroller out for a spin. I've done tons of walking with it, but yesterday was the first time I got that puppy up to cruising speed.

Talking with friends about their experiences running with strollers, I was a bit hesitant trying to run with it for the first time. I have a big kid so was it going to be too heavy to push around? I'm a tall girl so would I have room to really swing my legs? So what's the verdict? It was great!

It took a few minutes getting used to running without both of my arms swinging, so that was a bit awkward at first. I found that my gait got really funny if I tried to push the stroller with both hands, but if I used one hand on the stroller and one arm swinging at my side, my gait was more natural. To be honest I didn't really even notice any extra weight, on flat ground at least I couldn't notice any extra resistance. Even a slight incline however made the pushing a bit more difficult - which I expected - so I'll likely try to avoid any major hills until I'm feeling stronger and am looking for a tougher workout.

Anyhow, I give running with a stroller two thumbs up. Here's the details from yesterday's run:
  • Total distance: 3.47 km
  • Total time: 27:57
  • Average pace: 8:03 min/km
And here's a shot of us after returning from our outing.

So as I was running yesterday I was thinking about some of the things that make running with a stroller possible:

  1. A smooth ride and turn - when we tested out strollers I was picky about this, I wanted a stroller that turned super easy, with one hand only, and generally had as little resistance as possible. This matters immensely once you're on the move and the smoother the ride the less impact it will have on your run. The one we chose turns on a dime and very easily with just one hand.
  2. Weight - obviously the BOB was one of our other choices but we ended up going with the Baby Jogger. For almost all intents and purposes these two strollers are very similar in shape, style and function. However, the Baby Jogger has a super convenient one step fold but more importantly for us, felt quite a bit lighter than the BOB. Given my back problems that was the clincher for us so we went with the Baby Jogger.
  3. Features - I plan to take Marcus on lots of runs so having some features to keep him happy was important to me. Many jogging strollers don't have trays but we were able to purchase a tray that fits our stroller so that when Marcus gets older there's a place to attach some toys or snacks to keep him occupied. There is also a huge canopy with lots of windows and vents to see Marcus or keep him cool. The seat also reclines flat to keep him comfy if we need it (and for younger babies on walks).
  4. Storage - now when you're running you don't wanna drag a ton of stuff with you, but there are some essentials and having safe places to store them is huge. Our stroller has lots of clever pockets and places to keep your stuff. I especially liked having a place to put my water and keys without having them jingle in my pockets!
  5. Size - depending on how big you are, you need a stroller that suits your size. I'm tall and very few strollers had enough space for swinging legs when running. Yesterday I found that if I wanted to increase my stride, it was super easy to run kind of beside the stroller and use one hand to steer it. For just my normal stride however, running behind was no problem.

Anyhow, those are some of my thoughts on running strollers. I had no idea how individualized a purchase it is and is totally dependent on your size, your lifestyle, your available space and your budget. We're super happy with our selection and I look forward to getting out and running with Marcus!

Oh, and one last note, the Bundle Me is a must! We normally use it on Marcus' car seat, but it works great in his stroller too - so cozy!

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