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The Importance of Magnesium

Posted Aug 09 2012 9:12pm

I just completed your article about the importance of magnesium. I have had PAC and PVCS for many years . I had an ablation 2 years ago which was unsuccessful followed by 2 bouts of A-Fib. I have taken 4 anti-arrhythmics and several beta-blockers…none with any success.

Five months ago, my internist had me do a magnesium test (came out low, of course). Now I am on 500 mg. BID of mag-G. Each month has shown marked improvement with my heart rhythm. I had literally thousands of irregular rhythms a day and now I maybe have 20-30 which is hardly noticeable from where I have been.

My latest drug therapy has been 225mg. Rhythmol 3 times day and 50mg. er Metoprolol. I told the cardiologist that I feel sure it is the magnesium and not these drugs that have caused this dramatic change. He is considering taking me completely off the Rhythmol in a few months if this success story continues.

We cut the Rhythmol intake in half 10 days ago and I feel no different…well, actually, I feel better with the lower dosage and have more energy, etc.

I am a 76 year old female. I am moderately active. I play golf 3 times a week and am busy doing what retired people do. Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.

Submitted by: Allison Schnabel

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