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The Importance of Choosing the Right Materials for Your Exercise Apparel

Posted Mar 21 2013 9:35am

Fitness experts opine that you can derive greater benefits, if you combine your workout routine with proper apparel and shoes. The choice of the right material for an exercise apparel depends on the nature of work out, and the weather in which you prefer to burn fat. Good exercise clothing can make you stay cool or warm, ensure flexibility in movements and look stylish in the process.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Materials for Your Exercise Apparel



Right exercise clothing can add a tinge of comfort to your otherwise, boring chore of burning calories. The choice of the right fabric for your workout gear plays an important role in ensuring comfort. Experts suggest the selection of materials with moisture-wicking ability than pure cotton fabrics.

Cotton materials tend to absorb sweat, but they do not pull it away from the skin. You can end up feeling heavy and wet, after a grueling session of workout with cotton clothes. The most suitable workout gear comprises of materials made of breathable synthetic fabrics that can easily evaporate your sweat and make you feel comfortable. These fabrics are considered a boon during the cold seasons. If the sweat sticks to your body, there are greater chances of their conversion to ice in colder temperatures and increasing chances of hypothermia.

Fitness Necessities

If your exercise regime involves long hours of outside training, the selection of fabrics with UV protection can prevent sun damage on the skin. If you are more prone to sweat and body odor, you can choose workout pieces that possess anti-microbial properties. If you exercise after dark, it is recommended to wear luminescent shirts and pant that keep you visible without outside light.

Protection from vagaries of weather

The right exercise wear can prevent your body from succumbing to the vagaries of the weather. You need to make variations in your training clothes with changes in weather. Hot weather calls for light clothing, both in terms of colors and weight. Light colors can reflect the sun rays away from your body, whereas dark clothes absorb heat easily. A pleasant spring or autumn season workout can be done with similar clothes as in extreme hot conditions, but with an additional light layering piece of a jacket or fleece. Layering is essential in winter seasons. Dress-up in a manner that you can remove one or more pieces of clothing, if you feel warmer during the course of training. A layered workout garb should include a base layer with wicking ability and top it with insulating clothes. A scarf, gloves or winter cap can protect your ears, hands and head from cold.

Safety and ease of movement

A fit appropriate to the nature of your workout can ensure flexibility in movements and safety during your exercise regime. It is advisable to wear loose clothing during physical activity, so that you can have the right level of movement to perform your exercises correctly.

A perfect fit can help you get the most of your exercise. and also prevent injuries. However, such loose clothes like baggy pants are highly inappropriate for activities like cycling or spinning. If you prefer running or walking, a simple tee shirt with a pair of shorts are the best. In case of yoga or Pilates practice, a fitted gear that can afford to stretch and also keep you covered is the best choice.

Improve confidence levels

The right clothes for your workout can add a dash of style and help you to feel confident. Choose only those clothes that can make you feel convenient and don’t make you self conscious. Your self-confidence plays an important role in the maximizing effect of exercise and improving the level of positivity.

You need not spends thousands of dollars in shopping for your exercise apparel, but a little forethought and choice of the right fabric and fit can go a long way in making the entire workout experience a pleasant affair.

Annie is a  young but fearsome lady with painfully good sense of fashion and fashion streams which she shares on her own blog. Lately, while writing for  Soul Sports  , she is combining her greatest passions – fashion and health.

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