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The Impact Of Infidelity On The Family

Posted Sep 01 2008 7:22pm
by Alex Archer

The family unit is considered an ideal institution. A married man and woman, and their children, are the gold standard of a family. Couples in a loving married relationship can enjoy a fulfilling family life with their children. Infidelity, however, can upset the dynamics of a family unit.

Infidelity is a breach of the trust and social rules accepted by a couple. It is usually understood to mean sexual infidelity in marriage. Other terms are adultery or cheating. No matter the term used, infidelity impacts the family in dangerous ways.

The effects of infidelity on family are indeed huge and miserable. Sometimes infidelity can completely ruin a family. When a husband or wife comes to know about the illegal affair of the partner he/she becomes angry and feels rejected by the partner. It is a great pain and agony to him/her. He /she find it very difficult to cope with the shock and disappointment.

Often, the first reaction of the affected partner is to terminate the marriage because they find it difficult to forgive the cheating partner. Sometimes women may try to forgive their unfaithful husbands due to a deep love for them or if the husband shows he is truly sorry for his actions. Women may wish for a second chance to live a faithful life with their husband.

The effects of infidelity on family are sometimes so tremendous that the whole family is shattered to pieces. The affected partner opts for a separation/divorce and therefore the family set up is broken to pieces. The children are affected very much though they did not commit any mistakes. They have to suffer for the mistakes of their parents.

Peace within the family is often shattered due to infidelity. Arguments, fueled by high emotions, can sometimes escalate to assault. Children exposed to this type of environment experience deep emotional pain and a high level of insecurity when they see their parents fight.

Obviously children are the innocent victims of infidelity. Children simply want to live with their parents, in the same house, in peace. Emotionally, they need both parents. When the couple divorces or separates, children are effected psychologically and may manifest signs of anxiety and insecurity.

The impact of infidelity on the family unit is enormous. The parents may decide to separate or divorce, creating upheaval for the children who must now live with one parent. This creates stress for the children, who may miss the love of the absent parent. Young children are especially vulnerable during separation, as both mother and father are needed for complete ability and development. Outside the family unit, members may also feel embarrassment imposed by society.

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