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The hills are back to haunt me...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
Yup. Hill training started again tonight. Crap.

I'm thankful for the awesome workout the hills provide, but boy do they make me grumble when I'm actually running up them! I'm still a little undecided as to what race I'll train for next so in the meantime I'm tagging along with the current 1/2 marathon clinic and so begins the 7 week progression of hill training!

Tonight felt super-cold and it took me awhile for my cheeks, legs and fingers to warm up to operating temperature. But, once I got going things felt okay. We headed for the usual hill, about 2.5 km away from the store. I kind of kept pace with the faster runners tonight so I made it to the hill and completed my first repeat before the rest of the group arrived for their torture.

I like to keep track of my splits for each hill repeat but unfortunately I accidentally pushed the wrong button and shut off my timer somewhere in the middle of the second hill. Oops! Note to self: must remember to lock the friggin' bezel to avoid such mishaps! I didn't realize it wasn't timing until I had finished the hills and was on my way back to the store.

So, 4 gruelling hills later, all I had to show was a wonky Garmin time and an incorrect totaly distance! That's not entirely true, I always feel good at the end of a hill session so I had that to show for my hard work. Anyhow, here's my wonky and incorrect data for tonight's run...
  • Distance: at least 5.14 km (this is approx. the total distance to and from the hill)
  • Time: at least 30:44 (it's actually probably more like 40 mins or so)
  • Avg pace: well, on the way to and from the hill I ran at 5:53/km and 5:57/km respectively)

It always sucks when your data gets messed up, but thankfully this has only happened once or twice before. The important thing is that I got in a good run, felt pretty strong going up those hills and thoroughly enjoyed running around in the dark lit up like a Christmas tree!

Thanks for all suggestions regarding running lights. My trusty flashing light and dog-colar flashing lights have served me well, but I think it's time to invest in something a bit more robust. I'll be shopping in Seattle this weekend and will try to check out what nifty gadgets are available down there. I'll report next week on my findings!

In other news, thanks to Leana for mentioning me in her blog today. Leana and I went to engineering school together and started running somewhere in our 3rd year of school. It started with the goal of finishing the Sun Run but ended up taking us through a number of races together that summer. After graduation we both continued to run off and on, and she got serious about running again last year and I have followed her blog through her entire journey and was inspired to begin my own. I won't ever complete any Ironman competitions or Goofy challenges like she will and has, but have been inspired to complete my own journey and share it online.

It's pretty amazing what each of us can do when we dedicate ourselves and support each other along the way...

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