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The Help & My Hidden Talent

Posted Aug 15 2011 10:19pm
Home Entertainment The Help & My Hidden Talent

10 comments Aug 12/11 Entertainment

I’m a very big fan of reading…which is appropriate for someone who has a degree in English. ;)

Believe it or not, reading is thought to improve memory and cognitive function and relieve stress and anxiety.

And with the popularity of book clubs, it can also be social.

At our monthly meeting in July, my book club unanimously decided that The Help should be our next read.  I was really excited!



The book captivated me right from the first page…maybe even the first sentence, and I couldn’t put it down.  It was not only eye-opening, but it was heartwarming and at times, humorous.  That is my recipe for a perfect book.

Because I enjoyed the book so much, I was really looking forward to last night when the book club got together to see the movie.

In my opinion, the movie was not as good as the book- which I fully expected.  However, it was really well done, perfectly cast, and thoroughly enjoyable.  In fact, I’m going to see it again with my mother and sister!

During one scene in the movie when the Junior League had a meeting, a random character stood up to speak.  I literally squirmed in my seat and had to refrain from jumping up and screaming, “That’s Chrissy from Growing Pains!”

You see, this is my hidden talent.

I can recognize any old actor from the 80s and 90s- no matter how famous- when they appear in something current.

My “talent” amazes Michael all the time.  For instance, we recently watched an episode of Mike & Molly, and I swore that one of the characters was in The Cosby Show.  We looked it up, and sure enough, he had appeared in five episodes during the 80s.

And my gift doesn’t stop there, folks.

When family or friends have a question about who starred in something or what a character’s name was in a show or movie, they always turn to me.  I can also sing theme songs.  I’m the walking IMDB.

So now you know my secret.  I’m a pop culture know-it-all. :)

Do you have any hidden talents?  Have you read The Help or seen the movie?  I can’t wait to see it again!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  I’ll be back on Monday!

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  1. Haha, this is so funny! I wish I was sitting closer to you so I would have seen who she was. I loved Growing Pains, but don’t have your talent.

    And your review of the movie is exactly what I thought. But I knew I’d be disappointed because the book was just SO good.

  2. loved the book, loved the movie… i cried 5x. :)

    • thegrassskirt

      It took everything in my power not to cry. I was biting my lip so hard that it almost bled!

  3. I loved the book so much! I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  4. Michelle

    Totally want to read this book, now I’m sold on it for sure! Have a great weekend Er :)

    • thegrassskirt

      You absolutely MUST read it BEFORE you see the movie. You’ll love it! :)

  5. Jenny O.

    I so needed your talent throughout the whole movie. Especially Stuart- I KNEW I had seen him in something but couldn’t put my finger on it. It drove me nuts until I went home and looked it up. (He was on Private Practice as Dell.) What a great book AND movie!

  6. OMG! That’s where she’s from!! re: gal from growing pains! Last night I saw The Help with my sister, and when she stoop up in that Junior League meeting, I turned to my sister and was like: Where is she from!? We didn’t know.

    Interesting to hear that the book was better than the movie (normally the case, right?) I loved the movie so much – I cried a lot. Was crying a normal reaction for people reading the book?

  7. You have such a FUN hidden talent!! I *loved* the book, and I totally agree with your thoughts on the movie. I liked the book better because it gave so much more backstory that you couldn’t pack into a movie, like Stuart and Skeeter’s relationship, etc. Emma Stone was SO good! I think they were spot on with the casting and they definitely gave depth to the civil right movement story!

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