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The health benefits of quitting smoking

Posted Jan 20 2013 4:05am


I’ve read lots of articles explaining what will happen to your health and lungs if you smoke, and although I’m truly against smoking, I wanted to give you the positive approach on the subject. To show you the good things that will happen to you if you decide to quit. To prove you, that the fight is worth fighting and the benefits are amazing! And I’m starting with my number one reason for you to quit:

You will have more birthdays! Yes, that’s right! According to the researcher Professor Sir Richard Peto, of the University of Oxford, in a study based on 1.3 million women, you will gain about an extra ten years of life, if you quit smoking before reaching middle age. So, if you want to see your grandchildren playing in the garden, there is one simple solution that will increase your chances – just quit smoking.

You skin will be more beautiful! According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, your skin will look much more better only a month after you quit smoking. Wow, a month! The problem with smoking is that your body is in a constant state of malnutrition and it usually uses the minimal vitamins and minerals elsewhere, meaning there is nothing left for your skin. Once you ditch the habit, your skin will start receiving more oxygen and antioxidants leaving you with more radiant, beautiful and wrinkles free skin.

Your hair will look better and will stay in place! Your hair looks dull and you are loosing lots of it? Well, don’t blame me! According to a Dermatology study on hair-loss, smoking is one of the main reasons for premature baldness in males and females. So, if you want your hair in place… you know what to do :)

Your chances of healthy offsprings will increase! “Women who smoke are 60 percent more likely than nonsmokers to be infertile ” says Dr. Judith Reichman. The problem is that smoking depletes female’s eggs faster, so they have a hard time conceiving and reach menopause earlier. Men on the other hand destroy their sperm’s DNA and those gene-damaged sperms are more unlikely to do the job. Now, I believe you got the message – if you want to have kids, quit.

You will enjoy food more! The smell of food, this amazing mix of fragrances is totally unreachable for the smokers, according to a study from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As usual, the choice is yours.

Your teeth will thank you! They will be whiter, brighter and healthier then ever. You don’t need a study for this one, do you?

And last, but not least: You will reverse all the negative effects! According to the Million Women Study Collaborators if you quit smoking before hitting 30, you will reverse 97% of the negative effects of these little bastards, and if you quit before 40 – 90% of them. It’s good news, right!

Well, are you ready to quit? Make it today! And if the positive approach is not working for you, here are some of the best ads showing the ugly sides of your habit.

The lost mom

I know that you know

The invisible smoke

2012 UK ad

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