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The Health Benefits of Baking Soda!

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:18am

Let's turn this number one less than $2 dollar household item into a Healthy kitchen and bath Alternative!

After some research here are the top 10 ways to use Baking Soda:

1. Counteract acid – Oops! Added too much vinegar to a recipe? Add a pinch of baking soda. Be careful - a little goes a long way. Add a pinch to tomato dishes to balance the acid. Your acid reflux-prone family members will thank you, but omit this baking soda use if anyone in your family needs to reduce their salt intake.

2. cleansing the exterior body by adding it to a shower and wash away oils, and sooth itchy irritated skin, and stop dandruff

3. Soothing Eye Drops: made from a water and B.Soda solution

4. add to the tip of your toothbrush for a clean mouth as it kills harmful bacteria

5. used as an antacid before or after any meal

6. Put on any kind of rashes, from diaper rashed to allergic reactions

7. used as a deodorizing body and foot powder

8. Meat tenderizer – Rub baking soda on the meat for two to three hours before you need it. Rinse the meat thoroughly before cooking.

9. Produce – Dissolve several tablespoons of baking soda in a tub of cold water to wash your produce. The baking soda is safer than soap, and will neutralize some of the impurities in the water as well.

10. made into a paste and applied to bee stings

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